U.S. Child Welfare System Redesign


United States Child Welfare System Redesign

Strategic Action Plan


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This Strategic Action Plan is a labor of love dedicated to the survivors of child abuse, those who didn’t survive their childhood, and the current victims of child abuse, with the hope, dream, and plan for a country free of child abuse.


Table of Contents with Links


Volume 1 – Current Child Welfare System

Chapter Link
1. Executive Summary of Volume 1  
2. Table of Contents https://wp.me/PabRRv-u2
3. Preface https://wp.me/PabRRv-yq
4. Introduction https://wp.me/PabRRv-yu
5. Child Abuse in the United States https://wp.me/PabRRv-yz
6. The United States Child Welfare System Overview https://wp.me/PabRRv-yJ
7. Fourth National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect (NIS-4) https://wp.me/PabRRv-yO
7.1. Major Findings from the NIS-4 Child Maltreatment Charts – Part I https://wp.me/PabRRv-yR
7.2. Major Findings in the NIS-4 – Part II https://wp.me/PabRRv-z1
7.3. Researching the Low CPS Investigation Rates https://wp.me/PabRRv-z6
8. National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention https://wp.me/PabRRv-zc
9. Child Protective Services https://wp.me/PabRRv-zP
10. Current Oregon Child Welfare System https://wp.me/PabRRv-zW
11. Child Abuse Reporting and Screening https://wp.me/PabRRv-A4
11.1 Child Abuse Reports Excluded from Resolution https://wp.me/PabRRv-Aa
11.2 Child Abuse Hotline/Screening https://wp.me/PabRRv-Ap
11.3 Chart of Reports https://wp.me/PabRRv-AA
11.4 Oregon Child Abuse 2019 Report Flow Chart https://wp.me/PabRRv-AI
11.5 Child Abuse Victims by Race https://wp.me/PabRRv-AP
11.6 Perpetrators of Child Abuse https://wp.me/PabRRv-AX
11.7 Stress Factors in Child Abuse https://wp.me/PabRRv-B5
11.8 Types of Child Abuse Incidences https://wp.me/PabRRv-Bf
11.9 Victims Resolution 2009-2019 https://wp.me/PabRRv-Bt
11.10 Child Fatalities https://wp.me/PabRRv-BC
11.11 Status of Child Fatalities https://wp.me/PabRRv-BI
11.12 Child Suicide https://wp.me/PabRRv-BS
11.13 Perpetrators of Child Fatalities https://wp.me/PabRRv-BY
11.14 Causes of Child Fatalities https://wp.me/PabRRv-C6
12. NCFRP – Spotlight – Oregon2 https://wp.me/PabRRv-Ce
12.1 Oregon Child Mortality by Type https://wp.me/PabRRv-Cn
12.2 Oregon Caseworker Questionnaire https://wp.me/PabRRv-Cu
13. In-Home Services https://wp.me/PabRRv-CE
13.1 Reasons a Child is Removed From the Home https://wp.me/PabRRv-CL
14. Foster Care https://wp.me/PabRRv-CY
14.1 2019 Child Welfare League of America National Conference https://wp.me/PabRRv-Dd
14.2 Oregon Foster Care https://wp.me/PabRRv-Dj
14.3 Disproportionality of Races in Foster Care https://wp.me/PabRRv-Dp
14.4 Compare Victims Removed from Their Home with Foster Care Entrants https://wp.me/PabRRv-DA
14.5 Description of Types of Foster Care https://wp.me/PabRRv-DJ
14.6 Requirements from Class Action Suit https://wp.me/PabRRv-DR
14.7 After Foster Care https://wp.me/PabRRv-E0
14.8 Sample Foster Care Articles https://wp.me/PabRRv-E7


Volume 2 – Redesigned System

Chapter Link
Preface https://wp.me/PabRRv-tT
Introduction https://wp.me/PabRRv-ud
Chapter 1. Intervention: Redesigned Child Welfare System: CPS https://wp.me/PabRRv-um
1.1 Intervention: Redesigned CWS: In-Home Services https://wp.me/PabRRv-vR
1.2 Intervention: Redesigned CWS: New In-Home Services https://wp.me/PabRRv-vW
1.3 Intervention: Redesigned CWS: Therapeutic Day Services https://wp.me/PabRRv-w1
1.4 Intervention: Redesigned CWS: Removal to Recovery Care https://wp.me/PabRRv-w5
1.5 Intervention: Redesigned CWS: After Recovery Care Options https://wp.me/PabRRv-w9
1.6 Family First Act and Redesigned CWS https://wp.me/PabRRv-xi
1.7 Protect Our Kids Act of 2012 Commission Report and Redesigned CWS https://wp.me/PabRRv-xt
2. Prevention: Data to Action Analysis https://wp.me/PabRRv-uG
2.1 Prevention: NIS-4 https://wp.me/PabRRv-wy


Volume 3 – Strategic Action Plan

Chapter Link
Chapter 1. Strategic Action Plan


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Jo Calk