The Earth is Healing Itself; It is Up to Us to Heal Humanity

Earth Healing
Earth Healing


We are building a whole new world. Every one of us has an important part in this rebuilding. We see clearly now what hasn’t been working. We are now able to start over with what works, what helps us all, what leads toward equity and equality of everyone. It is time to take action! We are all equal and we are each unique. We have unique skills, interests, and abilities. All of us are needed to work together to build our new future. What action will you take for the future of humanity? Pick a love-based action verb from the list below, or a love-based action verb of your own choosing. We are not repeating nor perpetuating past fear-based mistakes, biases, prejudices, and hatreds, so take a love-based approach. What acts of love are you willing, able, and dedicated to perform for the benefit of all? Pick a verb, take an action, make a difference!

Verb Action Toward the New Love-Based World
Build confidence, self-esteem, buildings, structures, foundations, a new paradigm of a love-based world, an inclusive culture, bridges not forts
Change laws, legislation, habits, beliefs, the “status quo,” from judgments and biases to preferences, from exclusion to inclusion, cultural stigmas
Comfort the abused, the children, the Child Within, the fearful, the hopeless, the disenfranchised
Contribute money, time, resources, talents, skills
Create safe havens, new methods, new ideas, new beliefs, a new movement
Donate money, time, resources, energy
Draw images of the new world, hopeful, loving, sharing, caring images
Educate children, parents, government agencies, individuals, groups, students, adults, the entire world to the new love-based paradigm
Engage others in the emerging new world, in nonprofits, in causes, in humanity
Inspire others to take action, to have hope, to sing, people that they can make a difference
Join a love-based group, nonprofit, cause, a peaceful demonstration, together with others for a love-based world
Lead a small group, support group, peaceful demonstration, by example, by faith in something greater than ourselves that unites us
Paint a building, wall, picture, your view of the new world, to inspire,share
Release judgment, past hurts, beliefs that cause pain, anger, bigotry, other people’s influences, misogyny
Remove fear-based and anger-based beliefs, anger, hatred, isolation, fear, gender biases, special privileges, laws that harm others, laws that perpetuate “status quo”
Rescue a child, the abused, the lost, the suicidal
Shift your focus, your worldview, your beliefs, from prejudice to preference
Sing your joy of the new world, joy of life, happiness that we are all ONE
Speak to others, individuals, groups, on blogs/vlogs, podcasts, radio, TV, to the world, and let your voice for love be heard throughout the world
Support children, families, nonprofits, causes, movements, others
Unite neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, nations, the world
Volunteer locally, statewide, regionally, nationally, globally
Write congresspeople, articles, blogs, business plans, action plans, journals

What love-based action verb(s) did you choose?

How do you choose to contribute to the new love-based world?


Pick a Verb – Take an Action – Make a Difference!



New Normal

New Normal
New Normal


“We’re living the emergence of a new ‘normal,’ and the success of our transition hinges upon (1) our willingness to acknowledge the shift, and (2) our ability to embrace it in a healthy way.”

Gregg Braden, Resilience from the Heart



"The Earth is my playground and humanity is my family."
“The Earth is my playground and humanity is my family.”


“The Earth is my playground and humanity is my family.”

– Matt Kahn