Born with Love

Born with Love
Born with Love


All of us were born with Love, Joy, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, Self-Respect, and all the other positive self-attributes. We still have them, but they may be buried under other people’s garbage we accepted as “truth.”

– Jo Calk


One Phrase To Uplift Every Mood

I Like Feeling Good - Jo Calk
I Like Feeling Good! – Jo Calk


I Like Feeling Good!

– Jo Calk

It is a pure statement of fact.

When you’re down, it’s a hopeful promise that you can, and will, feel good.

When you’re faced with things you don’t like, it’s a knowing of what you do like.

When you’re confused, it’s a reminder of what you really like.

When you’re happy, it’s a rejoicing in that good feeling.

It focuses your thoughts on feeling good.

Try it as a mantra when you meditate.


We Are All Prophets


We hear a lot about “self-fulfilling prophecies” when we think the worst, and the worst happens. The belief behind a self-fulfilling prophecy is: you focus on, think about, and/or worry about something so long and so hard that your worst fears actually come true.

How about when we think the best, and the best happens? What about your best dreams and hopes? Could they come true if you put the same amount of focus and thought into them?

You betcha!

We are more accustomed to worrying about a fearful event happening in our lives than we are to dreaming, hoping, wishing, and expecting joyous and happy events. You get what you focus on. Can we start – and continue – to think of a brighter, happier future for ourselves? Can we consciously choose thoughts and actions that lead to that joyful future?

We have trained ourselves to constantly think negatively, so we now have the opportunity to choose to think positively. Let’s turn “self-fulfilling prophecy” into a wonderful outcome, a descriptive term for the way we are joyously living our lives every day.

We are all prophets of our own lives. Let’s prophesize health, abundance, happiness, and joy for ourselves and for others. Let every thought we focus on and every action we take lead toward the goal of self-fulfilling the beneficial prophecy of our choosing.