It Takes 3 Beliefs

It takes 3 beliefs to stub your toe on a rock:

  1. Your toe is solid.
  2. The rock is solid.
  3. Two solid objects cannot pass through each other.


It takes 3 beliefs to not stub your toe in water:

  1. Your toe is solid.
  2. Water is liquid, fluid, not solid.
  3. A solid object passes through a liquid because the liquid moves out of the way of the solid.


It takes 3 beliefs to not stub your toe in the air:

  1. Your toe is solid.
  2. Air is gaseous, neither solid nor liquid.
  3. A solid object easily passes through a gas because the gas moves out of the way of the solid.


It takes 3 beliefs to not stub your toe on a rock:

  1. Your toe is not solid, it is mostly empty space.
  2. The rock is not solid, it is mostly empty space.
  3. Two things that are not solid, but mostly empty space, can easily pass through each other because the atoms just move out of the way of each other.


I have mastered the first 3 sets of 3 beliefs (actually skipped the first set because I had proven that years ago), but am having a bit of difficulty with the fourth set.

I’ve tried the fourth set of 3 beliefs 10 times now. My doctor says I have to wait until those 10 broken toes heal before I can try it again.

That will give me time to work on those last 3 beliefs.


Just a bit of metaphysical humor to lighten your day.  😊




Now You Don’t, Now You See It

Think your beliefs don’t affect what you see? I once thought that, but no longer.

A friend was driving us to a meeting early on a bright sunny afternoon.

“Look!” she exclaimed, excitedly. “The moon is out!” pointing in a direction ahead of the car.

I looked and looked but couldn’t see a moon anywhere in the clear blue sky. She is not usually a kidder or one who plays jokes on people, so I believed that she saw the moon – so why didn’t I see it? After several more opportunities to see the moon, I became more curious. Is my eyesight really that bad?

Then I remembered a long-held belief I had that the sun and the moon can’t be visible at the same time. Could that belief be wrong? During solar eclipses the moon actually moves between the sun and Earth, so the moon must be able to be seen in the sky on a sunny day during certain phases of the moon.

The next time my friend pointed out the moon, I saw it clearly.

I wonder what other beliefs we have that prevent us from seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and tasting new things in this world or the universe? How would we know of their existence without someone, who does not hold those beliefs, showing us something new?

There are guides and teachers among us, trying to show us what our beliefs prevent us from experiencing. There are also deceivers and tricksters among us, trying to convince us to release our core beliefs of self-care, self-esteem, and self-reliance, and relinquish our personal power to them. You can recognize the difference by how you feel: Does someone tell you something that inspires you, opens your inner joy? Or does that person place limits on your self-worth and tell you that you need his/her help, guidance, wisdom, or product to survive in this world? Are you opening your heart and mind? Or are you only opening your wallet?

You have within you everything you need to survive – and thrive – in this world. Your beliefs that you are at the mercy of a vengeful or uncaring universe, that you are a victim of circumstances or heredity, and/or that you have no power or control over your own life are preventing you from accessing the knowledge within you. Try taking ownership of your body and your life. Trust that the Force (Star Wars)/God/Source/All That Is/the Universe is supporting you and wants you to succeed. Open your mind to new possibilities that feel lighter and happier. Then you, too, can see the moon where it previously “couldn’t exist” – and so much more of life.