Reiki Master

As a Reiki Master/Energy Healer/Energy Runner, Jo owns and operates a business, Reiki Resonance and Renewal, LLC, doing business as Energy Healing and Guidance in Lincoln City, Oregon. She provides individual energy healing wellness sessions for people and animals.

The Mission of Reiki Resonance and Renewal is to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and encourage wellness in people and animals.

For people, a 60-minute energy healing session is offered to the fully clothed person who is sitting comfortably in a chair. The person’s body draws the energy it needs; Jo never forces the energy into the person. A brief discussion of the person’s issues takes place before the 30-minute Reiki session, and a brief discussion of effects and next steps takes place after the Reiki session, comprising an hour appointment.

For animals, Jo meets the animal in his/her home and calmly stands in one place, offering energy healing to the animal at his/her choice. The energy is never forced, and the animal chooses the duration of the session and the areas to be touched. Animals are often highly receptive to the energy offered, and many come back a few minutes after an initial session to receive more energy healing.

Jo also offers distant Reiki healing sessions with the client over the phone or via Zoom. The session is similar to a hands-on energy healing session, except that the energy is transmitted remotely. Both in-person and distant Reiki sessions are $50 per hour. A half-hour session is available, without the pre- and post-dialog, for $30 per half-hour. If interested, please contact to make an appointment.

Thank you!