Living a Dream – Episode 9

How to Change the World, Part I

Original Air Date:  July 30, 2019

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Complete text of episode 9 of the Living a Dream podcast series:

How to Change the World


Welcome to the ninth episode of the Living a Dream: A Transformational Journey podcast. My name is Jo Calk. I am a Life Awareness Coach, Reiki Master, author, and speaker. Today’s episode is “How to Change the World.”

First, I want to share my Life Purpose Statement:

“The purpose of my life is to be present, joyful, and compassionate, and to share my gifts, make a difference, and be a role model, so that I bring awareness to others that, by changing some of their internal beliefs and judgments, they can also make a difference in the world.”

My Ultimate Goal is the global enlightenment and peace on our Earth, our physical reality, through the awakening, awareness, and action of all its people in transforming our beliefs about each other and the Earth.

I am not alone in having this Goal of “Peace on Earth” and cooperation, caring, and sharing by all people. However, my approach is a bit different: I am enlightening the Earth from within.

 “You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi


During this podcast series, please be open to the possibility that your life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now.


In the last episode, we learned that we are not a body we have a body. We are Pure Energy, Soul, which envelops the physical body-suit we created to experience our Oneness through unique aspects of our One Soul. We gain knowledge of emotions and materiality through our body-suits, we view our physical creations through the limited senses provided by our body-suits, we choose our next experience through contrasts in scenarios we create to experience the complete yin-yang (pronounced yahng) of darkness and light.


Now, How to Change the World:

We created the Earth and its inhabitants as a playground for our creativity and to experience our Pure Energy from a variety of viewpoints. Gradually, over the millennia, we “forgot” that we are creators – instead, we became victims of the contrasts and scenarios we created. We became as physical as the world we created. During our amnesia, our waking dream, we receive clues and hints to our Reality as Pure Energy, Spirit, Source – which we have often chosen to ignore in favor of the physical, fabricated, meaningless “rewards” of fame, fortune, and being better (or worse) than others.

During our millennia forgetting we are living a dream of our own creation, we have been on a cyclical pattern of separation, isolation, desperation, fear, violence, creating more powerful weapons, escalating our technology beyond our humanity, and repeatedly annihilating ourselves and destroying our playground. We gradually start over in rudimentary form, only to repeat the cycle again and again.

Now, we see multiple negative events happening at the same time. We have reached the “Perfect Storm” of major catastrophic events battering us from all directions.

Perhaps we are again faced with this emergence of all our fear-based events occurring simultaneously, to force us to find a different way this time, to make different choices that will allow us to progress instead of devolving, destructing, and starting all over again.

Most of us remain asleep, having forgotten that we are Eternal Energy Itself, we are Source, and we created this playground and this Universe. More of us are now awakening from the dream of separation and isolation. We are tired and bored with the old cyclical approach, based on fear, mistrust, and isolation. We are choosing instead to remember we are all ONE with Source. We have gifts of love, joy, and positive self-attributes, and we are rebuilding our Playground with Love.

Now we are slowly awakening to the hollowness of the physical “rewards,” how unfulfilling “having” is, as we keep searching and reaching for more and better rewards and then fighting to keep those rewards while we grab for even more. Our hands are full of “things,” but our hearts are empty of love, compassion, and caring for ourselves and for others. We’re like little children, grabbing for shiny objects and crying when we can’t obtain an object, or when the objects are taken away.

We start to remember that everything, every situation, event, thought, matter – has two aspects to it: what we want and what we don’t want. The more think about what we don’t want, more of what we don’t want is brought to us. We must now focus on what we do want. We want to replace fear with love.

As we awaken, we remember Who We Really Are (Pure Energy, Source), that we created this world, and that we are no longer satisfied nor fulfilled by our experience. Instead of dreaming ourselves as victims in fear, we are now awakening to our love, joy, creativity, Oneness, and our ability to change the world to one of love, joy, peace, and fulfillment. We dismiss the “monsters” we created in our fear-based reality, favoring instead a new paradigm of love and stewardship for our creations.

How are we doing that? How are we changing our world from fear-based to love-based?

I’ve been talking a lot about how we can change the world by changing our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Lots of talk about how great the whole new world is going to be, how replacing fear with love will literally “make all the difference in the world.” Now, we actually are going to put all of that talk into practice! We will be the change we want to see in the world, and it all starts within us.

Let’s do an exercise:

  • Find a comfortable position.
  • Close your eyes and let the world melt into yourself, going deep within yourself.
  • Relax, you are safe, you are loved, you feel joy
  • You have free will to be and do anything you want
  • From the safe, loved, joyous peace within, think about what would be your ideal job?
  • What would be your ideal contribution to the world?
  • What would bring you profound joy?
  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What brings out your happiness?
  • What do you wish you could be or do?
  • Focus on that job, volunteer opportunity, or activity that excites you
  • What brings such joy that you eagerly anticipate every day, jumping out of bed enthusiastically?
  • What would bring days filled with the joy of doing what you like doing, with happiness, and fulfillment?
  • Visualize being in that joy, doing something you have always wanted to do, something you have always dreamed of doing
  • Something you want to do every day because you are doing what you enjoy, what you love
  • Visualize and feel the happiness and satisfaction deep within yourself
  • Feel the pure joy that bursts forth from you to be shared with others
  • Visualize your most brilliant dream come true, your renewed passion for life
  • Visualize what you receive from the experience
  • Visualize what emanates from you, uplifting others
  • Visualize encouraging others to free themselves to be who they truly are and who they truly want to be
  • Visualize sharing your joy, happiness, and fulfillment
  • It’s as if a bright light inside you is warming you internally
  • That light is showing you a brighter world full of possibilities, passions, and pure joy
  • Your bright light expands out in every direction, without any work or effort on your part
  • Your fulfillment in life overflows, bringing light to others
  • Demonstrate living life by being who you truly wish to be and doing what you truly want to do
  • Show others the complete freedom of expression of that which is the true you
  • Demonstrate the “free” you as the most joyous, happy, loved, fulfilled YOU, you can be
  • This is all possible right now!
  • Hold that image and reach for your new goal

Maintaining that new image of yourself as who you really are and what you enjoy doing, bring that image forward as you open your eyes. Bring your new image of yourself into this world. You can do it! You can bring your inner joy into this world and share it with all!

We each start within our Soul, which envelops our physical body-suit and extends infinitely in all directions. We shine our light into the darkness we created, transforming the illusion – the “dream,” of victims and victors, “haves and have-nots,” “with us or against us,” hierarchies of power and influence, and the endless pursuit of physical, transient “ego-centric rewards” – into our innate love and joy as Pure Energy Beings, as Source Itself, creating a loving world from our playground Earth.

Our Soul replaces our egos, which are part of our body-suits, as our “definition” of who we really are: Source experiencing Itself through physicality. Our apparently separate Souls expanding, merging with other Souls, as Source Itself, unite as the One Soul we truly are, expressing our love and joy as we effect change on Earth.

The change can be immediate, or it can be gradual, depending on the number of us who awaken to the Reality of our existence. Join me and others, being the change we want to see in the world. Start by acknowledging yourself as Source, then acknowledge your neighbors as equal instances of Source, then animals and plants as equal instances of Source, and all the aspects of Earth as equal instances of Source.

Transform the energy you expended keeping separate lists of friends and enemies and see everyone as not being “for us” or “against us” but “AS US,” as Source Itself. Once we have expanded our definition of “us” to include all of Source, we see a united Earth where we can freely share our gifts, knowledge, skills, and resources with others, for the benefit of all. As Source Itself, we see how we all share stewardship of, not ownership or power over, the Earth. We work with the Earth for the abundance of all. We work with the animals, plants, rocks, soil, and oceans – all instances of Source – for the benefit of all. We see our roles as co-creators of a new version of Earth and life itself – our recreation is our re-creation of the original love and joy with which the Earth and the Universes were first created.

We have experienced all we care to of the fear-based “reality” we created. Now, we are ready to enjoy the new physical game we are playing, “Earth: The Virtual Reality Game, the Love Edition.” We joyfully and eagerly approach the new game with its subtler contrasts and more nuanced choices that lead to new experiences, all with a love-based foundation. We are fully awake to our Selves as Pure Energy, Source, taking on different personas to experience all aspects of Itself in love and joy. As Source, we take better care of our body-suits, and joyously help others heal and repair their body-suits and their experiences. The Earth Garden is back! We have returned to Heaven on Earth.

Future podcasts will expand on the concept of all of us, as Source, combining for the transformation of the Earth and our physical lives. Ideas for sharing and manifesting change will also be provided – to be added to the contributions of the 7.5 billion people and untold trillions of other instances of Source inhabiting this playground Earth.

We must become the change we wish to see in the world – changes within us are reflected as changes in the world

If you were offered a major role in an international project of critical importance, would you accept the role? Could you work with a team from all continents and islands? What kind of role would you want?

There is much we can do individually and as a global community to effect change before it is too late. We are each a unique, but equal, part of Source, and each of us was born with unique gifts, goals, and purpose to be of service to others. We each have an important role in halting the further destruction of each other and our home (or playground, if you prefer). We are ONE with Source, so let us unite in a single purpose of Peace on Earth, an end to violence toward each other.


Let’s look at this week’s tools, activities, and summary:



  1. Be open to the possibility that your life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now.
  2. We Are All ONE with Source – we are all Pure Energy
  3. We were all born filled with Love, Joy, and positive self-attributes. Go within yourself to find all your gifts awaiting your rediscovery of them.
  4. Replace fear with love, knowing that we are all Source.
  5. You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi. By changing within, we become the change in the world.



  1. Envision the Earth as a giant Playground in which we all play as Pure Energy Beings having a physical experience. What games do you choose to play? Our games are now love-based, not fear-based, and lead to new learning and growth while having fun. For example, we push aside the Monopoly game in favor of a cooperative Lego-building game.
  2. Imagine no longer living in fear. Imagine seeing everyone AS US. Imagine being calm, knowing we are Source Energy in a body-suit of our own creation, in a playground Earth of our own creation, within the multiple Universes of Source’s creation.
  3. Think about what changes a love-based world would provide. What would you love doing? What brings you joy and is of service to others? How would the world appear if everything were viewed from love, instead of fear?



  1. We must awaken from the dream that we are victims of this world. We created this world from love and joy; we can return this world to love and joy when we remember we are all ONE with Source.
  2. To change the world, we change our beliefs, actions, and reactions from within ourselves, as Source Energy surrounding a body-suit.
  3. Replace fear with love in every situation.
  4. Peace on Earth is possible now; we can do it now!


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Our next podcast discusses how to change the world. It is time to wake up from this dream and change the rules of this physical world from fear-based to love-based, knowing we are all Source.

I hope you will join me here next Tuesday, at 4:00 p.m. (Pacific US Time) / 7:00 p.m. (Eastern US Time).

This is Jo Calk signing off:

Blessings to all of us Dreamers on our Transformational Journey.



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