Living a Dream – Episode 6

The Perfect Storm: What Can We Do?

Original Air Date: July 2, 2019

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Complete text of episode 6 of the Living a Dream podcast series:

The Perfect Storm: What Can We Do?


Welcome to the sixth episode of the Living a Dream: A Transformational Journey podcast. My name is Jo Calk. I am a Life Awareness Coach, Reiki Master, author, and speaker. Today’s episode is “The Perfect Storm: What Can We Do?”

First, I want to share my Life Purpose Statement, which I created thanks to Brendon Burchard:

“The purpose of my life is to be present, joyful, and compassionate, and to share my gifts and be a role model to others, so that I might inspire others to make a difference in the world.”

My Ultimate Goal is the global enlightenment and peace on our Earth, our physical reality, through the awakening, awareness, and action of all its people in transforming our beliefs about each other and the Earth.

I am not alone in having this Goal of “Peace on Earth” and cooperation, caring, and sharing by all people. However, my approach is a bit different: I am enlightening the Earth from within.

 “You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi

First, I will briefly review the important discoveries we made in the previous podcast episodes.

  1. We were all given the gifts of love, joy, and all positive self-attributes when we were born; we still have all of our gifts, although they may have been buried under other people’s garbage we accepted in the form of their opinions, beliefs, and thoughts.
  2. At the level of the atom, we discover we are all connected; there is no distinction between an atom in our skin cell and an atom in another’s skin cell or in an object we are holding.
  3. Our Soul envelops our physical body – our physical body is inside our Soul.
  4. We are not identified as a physical body; we are eternal energy beings/parts of All-That-Is that have a physical body.
  5. We must become the change we wish to see in the world – changes within us are reflected as changes in the world
  6. God, Source, and All-That-Is are synonymous terms for the all of everything, seen and unseen, simultaneously everywhere and everywhen, the eternal universal life force energy
  7. We are all ONE with All-That-Is, playing a physical game of our own creation, in physical bodies also of our own creation
  8. Come join me in the new version of “Earth: The Virtual Reality Game – The Love Edition.”

In previous podcasts, I have used the term “All-That-Is” to describe everything seen and unseen, because it is self-descriptive. It is also a long term. Because God, Source, and All-That-Is are synonymous and describe everything seen and unseen, everywhere and everywhen, I will start using “Source” as my chosen term. Please translate my term “Source” into your term for the all of everything.

Now we move to this episode’s topic: The Perfect Storm: What Can We Do?

Human history is filled with frequent wars, including two very recent “World Wars.” Throughout recorded time, there have been periods of financial upheavals: depressions, recessions, collapses of great global businesses and the resulting catastrophic fallout on individual investors. Every year, natural catastrophic events, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, and typhoons have resulted in mass devastation, loss of lives, and long-term effects on Earth and its populations – human, animal, and plant. There are prehistoric records of mass extinctions of animals. There have been periods of climate change throughout Earth’s history, alternating between Ice Ages and Global Warmings.

What is different now?

All these events are happening at the same time, right now. We have reached the “Perfect Storm” of major catastrophic events battering us from all directions.

We fear. Is this Armageddon? Is this “The fire next time?” “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper?”

I understand that the deepening divisiveness, escalating violence, increasingly devastating natural events, and plummeting economies in the world today may seem too large to tackle, too enormous to overcome, and too overwhelming for any hope of anyone being able to make even the smallest difference. We fear for our future, our children’s future, and the future of Earth. What can we do about this “Perfect Storm” of economic, social, political, personal, and natural catastrophic events that compound on each other and overwhelm us from all directions?

We worry. What can we do about it? How does our “flight-fight-or-freeze” instinct handle this confluence of catastrophes? The world is changing, shifting, and our major options appear to be:

  • Fear the end has come and give up (freeze)
  • Ignore, reject, dismiss, deny, avoid what is occurring (flight)
  • Oppose, support, take sides – any side, for or against – do something, anything, place blame, judge, match fear with anger (variations of fight)

Are these the only options we have? Perhaps we are faced with this emergence of all our fear-based events occurring simultaneously, to force us to find another way.

Think of a dark nightmare that builds to a crescendo and, just before we “die” in our nightmare, we wake up. We recognize all the terror and fear were of our own creation. We change our focus, ease our mind, and return to sleep, with a different, more optimistic dream of a brighter future for the Earth and all of us dependent upon it for our physical existence.

Sometimes, we awaken from a realistic, fearful nightmare, becoming a bit disoriented at first, but gradually remembering who we really are and that we are safe. Sometimes, it’s difficult to awaken – we become trapped in our nightmare. Sometimes, we remain disoriented for a longer period – confused about where we are – until we are finally able to “shake it off.”

We are all now living in a nightmare of our own creation. We have created no-win scenarios, even greater weapons of mass destruction, and escalating anger and violence toward each other – all while denying ourselves any power to effect change. The “monsters” we have created continue to grow stronger, more fearsome, and apparently totally out of our control. We are faced with our eminent “death.” Our basic tools, flight-fight-or-freeze, don’t work now. We are afraid – living in constant fear and helplessness. We have thrown every weapon in our arsenal against the “nightmare” – our “reality” – to no avail. In fact, the “Monster” appears to gain strength from our fear and from each attempt to use our weapons against it.

We appear to be unable to recognize that we are “dreaming” this nightmare; we are unable to awaken from the “dream.” What else can we do?

We can acknowledge that everything – every situation, event, thought, matter – has two aspects to it: what we want and what we don’t want. When we push against what we don’t want, we actually get more of what we don’t want, because we get what we focus on. In physics, it’s Newton’s Third Law, which explains the nature of the forces between two interacting objects: “the force exerted by object 1 upon object 2 is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the force exerted by object 2 upon object 1” []

In other words, the more we push against something we don’t want, the most the something we don’t want pushes back on us.

There is much we can do individually and as a global community to effect change before it is too late. We are each a unique, but equal, part of Source, and each of us was born with unique gifts, goals, and purpose to be of service to others. We each have an important role in halting the further destruction of each other and our home (or playground, if you prefer). We are ONE with Source, so let us unite in a single purpose of Peace on Earth, an end to violence toward each other. We can do this!

So, now that we’ve identified what we definitely don’t want, what is it that we do want? What is the opposite of fear? What is the opposite of worry? What is another response than flight-fight-or-freeze?


Faced with any set of options, we often must choose between some representation of fear or love as our response. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Pop psychology. “What the world needs now is love.” Trite. Simplistic.

We’ve become so enmeshed in this physical experience that we have forgotten Who We Really Are. We’ve built forts to defend ourselves from greater and greater “enemies” we create, instead of rafts to calmly float down the river of life.

We see everything and everyone as either “with us” or “against us” – but never “AS US.” We don’t see ourselves mirrored in the “others.” We don’t see we are actually attacking ourselves. We don’t see how our fear – expressed as worry, anger, hatred, vengeance, or other such “negative” thoughts, feelings, and beliefs – only feeds the fearsome “monster” we, ourselves, have created.

We must first acknowledge that we are in a dream/nightmare of our own creation. We must recognize and know that we are safe in this dream – we are ONE with Source, and are having a physical experience. Then, we express only our gifts of love and joy – first internally to our selves, then to others, by gradually expanding our Soul – our “love energy field” which extends far beyond our physical body – to encompass the entire Earth – and beyond to the Universe. We are still in the dream, but we are changing the dream from within the dream.

This is exactly what I mean when I say that I am not alone in having the Goal of “Peace on Earth,” but my approach is a bit different: I am enlightening the Earth from within. From within the Dream/ Nightmare, and from within our selves.

Once we have all shared our love, and further ensure that love forms the only response to any event, we then can remain in this changed dream, this Heaven on Earth, continue to explore “materiality,” and acknowledge we are merely dreaming, playing, experiencing this realm of contrasts.

Let’s no longer allow our sisters and brothers in Source to suffer and die. Let’s no longer keep taking from the Earth, which itself is part of Source, without replenishment. We are not separate from Source; we are not separate from each other – we are all ONE with Source. When we fight between ourselves, Source does not take sides; Source doesn’t interfere on behalf of one aspect of Itself at the cost of another. We need to change our beliefs about who “we” are and who “others” are. We and others are all part of Source; no one part is more important to Source than another part. We and others must work together for our own survival – and for the Earth’s survival. Change our thoughts about “us” vs. “them,” and see everyone as equal parts of Source. Change our beliefs from our limited, isolated view of “self,” to the important role each of us has in working together as a global community to save ourselves and Earth from destruction and annihilation. Let’s share our bounty, our surplus, our strength, our gifts. Let’s see the Divinity in everyone. We are all equals; each with our unique gifts to share and contribute toward the global community through cooperation and sharing for the benefit of all.

We are now at an unprecedented position of witnessing the possible end of life on our planet by our own hands. Now is the time to take action, to awaken, to become aware of our selves as all ONE with Source.

By replacing fear with love, replacing competition with cooperation, replacing distrust with compassion, replacing lack and scarcity with abundance, and replacing hoarding with sharing, people and Earth will still be here as our Playground long into the future.

We will soon discover that our intrinsic (internal) rewards from peace, cooperation, love, and sharing are of so much more value to us than any extra status, money, or power – the extrinsic (external) rewards we previously sought and fought to the death for. We will live life unafraid, learn from other people and cultures, share our passions and gifts, and joyously see ourselves and others as ONE. What immense joy, happiness, and love we share! We all benefit from the gifts that are shared freely with us, because we, too, share freely with others.

Soon, we will awaken from our nighttime dream each day into our daytime dream of this physical playground, no longer in fear that this may be our last day on Earth. We are all filled with the joy, excitement, energy, and love of a new day bursting with new opportunities, new learning, new growth, new expansion, in a world created by the peace and love of Source.

The result of our individual action toward changing our ego-centric beliefs benefits ourselves, as well as all others on the Earth, because we are all ONE working together, with the full power of Source supporting us, toward a united goal of joyously experiencing this Playground Earth.

Earth and the human race are at a crossroads right now. We can change our beliefs, behaviors, and actions toward recognizing each other as all ONE with Source; or, we can continue our path to our complete destruction and annihilation. Which do you choose?

Think globally, act locally and globally: how can we be of service to others for the mutual benefit of all of us? How can we each contribute our gifts, talents, skills, knowledge, and experience with others for the greater good of all? How can we each give back to the Earth as a living part of Source?

John F Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

This can be expanded to: “Ask not what you can get from the Earth; ask what you can contribute to the Earth.” We are all ONE with Source, which is the all of everyone and everything, seen and unseen, everywhere and everywhen all at once.


OK, so you’ve convinced me that we need to change our beliefs, thoughts, and actions. So, how do we do that?

By comparing every belief to the “gold standard” of Unconditional Love. Think of a family member (human or animal) or dear friend for whom you would do anything to keep that person/animal safe, happy, and healthy. Your love for that individual is your “gold standard” for Unconditional Love. You love that individual no matter what the individual does; you totally love that individual unconditionally. You are soulmates.

Hold that love you feel for your soulmate as the “gold standard” for Unconditional Love throughout your day, as you meet other people and situations.

As you meet another person during your day, notice your immediate reaction to her/him. What word or words would you use to describe your immediate reaction? Recognition, trust, confidence, fear, mistrust, wary, suspicion, curiosity, interest, avoidance, disgust, etc.?

If you were to give a ranking of your immediate reaction, on a scale of 1 through 10, with 1 being completely and totally negative and 10 being on the level of Unconditional Love, what rank would you give your immediate reaction to each person you meet today? Compare your rankings of the different people you met today. Do you see a pattern? Do your rankings seem to cluster around 1 number or a small range of numbers? Did you have any 10’s – other than your soulmate described above?

How does your body feel when you meet each person? How would you describe that feeling? Relaxed, hyperalert, lower back pain, upper back pain, panic, open-hearted, closed-off, happy, sad (for their condition), afraid, aloof/feel nothing, etc.?

If you were to give a ranking of how your body feels, on a scale of 1 through 10, with 1 being completely and totally negative, 5 being no feeling toward the person, and 10 being on the level of joy and Unconditional Love, what rank would you give how your body feels when you meet each person today? Compare your rankings of the different people you met today. Do you see a pattern? Do your rankings seem to cluster around 1 number or a small range of numbers? Did you have any 10’s – other than your soulmate described above?

If you have just met a person, do you see or sense any familiar aspects that this person shares with anyone else you know, have seen, or perhaps yourself? What is the aspect that is similar, and who is it similar to?

Thinking about the person who is similar to the person you have just met, do you have the same or similar immediate reactions and feelings to the person who is similar as to the person you have just met? Why or why not? Have your experiences with the person who is similar affected your beliefs, thoughts, or opinions about the person you have just met?

For example, you see a man dressed shabbily, unshaven, unwashed, and carrying a backpack or bag. You haven’t seen this man before, but you have seen homeless men who look similar to this man and you deduce, based on the appearance of this new man, that he is homeless. In addition, based on the past experiences you have had with homeless men, you transfer those past experiences (positive or negative) onto the new man. Further, the action you take toward the new man is based on the actions you took with similar men who were homeless. Do you see that entire scenario as practical, based on experience? Or do you see it as, possibly, a judgment of one man, based on the actions of other men similarly dressed? Do you extrapolate from your observations of similar homeless men, that ALL homeless men are the same; and thus, you treat all homeless men the same? What if your views, opinions, beliefs, and actions about this new man are based on only one experience with one homeless man? Would that be fair to presume that this new man is like the one homeless man you met?

Too many of our beliefs, thoughts, and actions are based on the experience of one person who is similar to a new person, and therefore is to be treated in the same way as the first person was treated. The actions of one person becomes the presumed actions of all other people who are considered “similar” to that person.

This happens repeatedly throughout the world. For example, one mentally disturbed homeless man creates a mess in a public restroom, so the city closes all public restrooms – shutting out visitors and tourists, as well as the homeless. Of course, other examples are much worse, and much more violent – but the intent here is not to raise anger, but to demonstrate that the actions of one person should not result in wholesale violence or negative actions against other people who are considered “similar.”

Can you accept any new person you meet as an individual, not based on any preconceived notions of what or who that person resembles? Wouldn’t you want to be treated as a potential friend? So, meet the person as a potential friend. A simple smile and “Hello” may be all that is needed to brighten the day for both of you.


Let’s look at this week’s tools, activities, and summary:


  1. Be open to the possibility that your life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now.
  2. You were born filled with Love, Joy, and positive self-attributes.
  3. We Are All ONE with God/Source/All-That-Is
  4. You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi
  5. Compare your reaction and action toward a new person based on the “gold standard” of Universal Love, not on presumed guilt or innocence based on previously meeting someone similar – don’t make any immediate judgments or general statements about any new person you meet


  1. Envision the Earth as a giant Playground in which we all play as all being ONE with Source. What games do you choose to play? What part do you choose to take in the games? Is your game fear-based or love-based?
  2. Think of the people you meet each day. You may have a completely different reaction to one person than another person. Notice that difference and measure your reactions against the “gold standard” of Unconditional Love you feel toward your Soulmate. Can you change your reaction and behavior from fear-based to love-based?


  1. We were born with gifts from Source of love, joy, and all positive self-attributes
  2. We are not separate physical beings, we are all connected at the basic level of the atom
  3. God, Source, and All-That-Is are synonymous terms for the all of everything, seen and unseen, simultaneously everywhere and everywhen, the eternal universal life force energy
  4. We are all ONE with Source, playing a physical game of our own creation, in physical bodies also of our own creation
  5. We are all ONE, we are all eternal universal life force energy dreaming that we are actually physical; we have forgotten our true identity as pure energy
  6. We can modify our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors by applying the “gold standard” of Unconditional Love to everyone, every event, every choice, and every action
  7. We can awaken from this dream, remember we are energy/spirit experiencing a physicality filled with contrasts, choices, and senses, to better know all aspects of “us” as pure energy

You are welcome to visit my website at Under the “Living a Dream Resources” tab, I have added a bibliography of books that have inspired me and that resonate with my beliefs; I have also added new pages containing the text of the previous podcasts and will add the text of this podcast for you to review as you wish. In addition, Blog Talk Radio has recorded, saved, and makes available all the episodes of this Living a Dream: A Transformational Journey podcast series, so you can replay an episode whenever you choose.

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