Living a Dream – Episode 5

What on Earth Are We Doing Here?

Original Air Date: June 25, 2019

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Complete text from episode 5 of the Living a Dream podcast series:

What on Earth Are We Doing Here?


Welcome to the fifth episode of the Living a Dream: A Transformational Journey podcast. My name is Jo Calk. I am a Life Awareness Coach, Reiki Master, author, and speaker. Today’s episode is “What on Earth Are We Doing Here?”

First, I want to share my Personal Life Purpose Statement, which I created based on coaching from Brendon Burchard:

“The purpose of my life is to be present, joyful, and compassionate, and to share my gifts and be a role model to others, so that I might inspire others to make a difference in the world.”

My Ultimate Goal is the global enlightenment and peace on our Earth, our physical reality, through the awakening, awareness, and action of all its people in transforming our beliefs about each other and the Earth.

I am not alone in having this Goal of “Peace on Earth” and cooperation, caring, and sharing by all people. However, my approach is a bit different: I am enlightening the Earth from within.

You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi

First, I will briefly review the important discoveries we made in the previous podcast episodes.

  1. We were all given the gifts of love, joy, and all positive self-attributes when we were born; we still have all of our gifts, although they may have been buried under other people’s garbage we took within us in the form of their opinions, beliefs, and thoughts.
  2. At the level of the atom, we are all shown to be connected; there is no distinction between an atom in our skin cell and an atom in another’s skin cell or in an object we are holding.
  3. Our Soul envelops our physical body – our physical body is inside our Soul.
  4. We are not identified as a physical body, we are eternal energy beings/parts of All-That-Is that have a physical body.
  5. We must become the change we wish to see in the world – changes within us are reflected as changes in the world

In this episode, “What On Earth Are We Doing Here?”, I’m going to expand on the concept that “We CAN change the Earth,” replace a fear-based belief system with a love-based belief system, and explain why I use the term “All-That-Is” instead of “God.”

Let’s first take a trip back to childhood. As a child, we may have had imaginary friends, created tea parties, or had “adventures” with our dolls or action figures. Later in childhood, we may have even built structures or other things out of our creative imagination and a few handy objects.

I remember starting to create buildings out of Lincoln Logs. Some of you may not be old enough to remember Lincoln Logs – they were small wood or plastic “logs” (think “Log Cabin”), with connectors and roof pieces. It was fun designing buildings from the logs – but it was rather limiting and eventually became boring for me. I couldn’t really create large buildings out of the limited materials provided in the box.

Fortunately, at the time I started getting bored with Lincoln Logs, I found Skyline. Skyline is probably another product many people don’t recognize or remember. I could build skyscrapers with Skyline (which was its actual purpose) but also any size and type of building I wanted. There were only a few components: wall sections, window sections, door sections, and pegs to hook them together in the shape you wanted. Skyline even had some flooring – it was kind of boring flooring, but it still allowed me to put floors between the levels of my building. It may have had roofing, but I don’t quite remember if I ever finished a piece to put a roof on it.

Today’s analogy would probably be Legos, which provide even more flexibility and allow more of your creativity to blossom.

Why all of this discussion of imaginary friends, tea parties, dolls, action figures, Lincoln Logs, Skyline, and Legos? Just getting you ready for our biggest physical playground: Earth.


We all started off as Eternal Pure Energy, “All-That-Is,” “The One.”

We are still Eternal Pure Energy. We decided we wanted to experience our Oneness from different aspects, from different viewpoints, so we created the Physical Universe, with Earth as our Physical Playground. We created everything we wanted as pure physical expressions of joy and love.

After building and creating plants, animals, dirt, rocks, and buildings – all by modifying the vibrations of the Pure Energy of ourselves as part of All-That-Is – we decided to explore our creations from within the physical playground. We modified more parts of All-That-Is, our Pure Energy, into physical bodies surrounded by our holographic Pure Energy, by slowing the vibration of the body we created to match the physical playground Earth. This would be similar to us as humans becoming smaller to play within the log cabins, skyscrapers, and Lego constructions we were building with the toy kits. Now that we have created physical bodies enveloped within our Soul, we can create our buildings from within the buildings. We could then experience and sense, with our limited 5 senses, everything physical we created.

As long as we remembered we were playing a physical game with a physical body as our avatar, we experienced each other as the holographic fragments of All-That-Is we were.  However, gradually we “forgot” that we were playing a game, “forgot” that we were wearing a body as an avatar, and started to believe that we were the physical bodies (our avatar) in a “real” physical Earth.

This is similar to people who have played role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons for so long, that their mind had forgotten that they were playing a game – their mind believes that they actually ARE the avatars they had created and living in the imaginary world they created.

As long as we continue to see ourselves as our body, not that we have a body, we will not be able to remember that we all are part of All-That-Is – actually We ARE All-That-Is – and have chosen to physically sense ourselves from a set of unique perspectives.

After having spent countless centuries in this physical Earth “reality,” we have now experienced the full range and depth of all the emotions we created, all the experiences we’ve created, and all the physical sensations we’ve created. We are now ready to wake up – to return, full-cycle, back to our Reality as parts of the one Eternal All-That-Is. We remember our purpose in this physical reality: to express joy and love and to be of service to other parts of our true Self, our Soul. This awakening, no longer Living a Dream, mindfully brings us together as One, aware we are experiencing the physical playground we created – and now intent on improving the playground, upgrading the playground, and experiencing fun, love, creation, and freedom.

We are now reawakening to our awareness that we are part of All-That-Is and choose to make a difference, to contribute to the Shift in Consciousness, and to bring our joy and love to this playground Earth.

We Are All Part of All-That-Is


Playground Earth: The Love Edition

I recently had an internal dialog with my Higher Self, as a part of All-That-Is. It went something like this:

Q: If I am one with the entire universe, why have I chosen to view it from the perspective of one part?

A: If you could see all aspects, all perspectives, you would not need to become physical. You are viewing all aspects of yourself, wanted and unwanted, pleasant and unpleasant, love and fear. You are merely viewing them as if they were separate people. You are viewing contrasts, so you may experience feelings, emotions, choices, “you” as different from “not you” – but only at the physical level. Your Soul knows that You Are All-That-is and connected to every one and every thing in this playground Earth.

Q: So, the “people” I am “reaching out to” are actually other parts of “me”? I am reaching within?

A: “As within, so without.” You see others as fighting and killing each other, yet “they” are all aspects of YOU as All-That-Is. The struggle is internal, the struggle is within yourself, the struggle is not “out of your control,” but totally “within you.” You judge some people as “good” based on their apparent beliefs and behaviors; others you judge as “bad” based on their apparent beliefs and behaviors. All “people” are aspects you, as All-That-Is, have created to explore different beliefs and behaviors, to see the contrasts, and to choose the beliefs and behaviors that resonate with you, with your chosen aspect or perspective. Rather than consider some “people” as “bad,” view them as holding beliefs with which you do not resonate and behavior in which you do not choose to participate.

Q: If we are all safe and no one is really hurt, why change the game now? Why not during earlier wars, famines, and mass extinctions?

A: You have grown tired of this “game” and you wish to remove “fear” from the game. You wish to experience a world without “fear,” a world in “peace.” You have experienced the contrasts from the view of large pendulum swings and polar opposites. Now you want to experience contrasts of a more subtle nature.

You have chosen fear and all its contrasts, nuances, and viewpoints for centuries. Now you want to choose Love as your baseline. You want to explore the nuances of Love, the full range of Love’s contrasts. What kinds of new experiences will you have knowing you are safe? How many expressions of Love can you manifest? How many contrasts within Love can you explore? You have tired of the old game and have changed to the new version of “Earth the Virtual Reality Game – The Love Edition.” What vision of the future will you create, given the freedom that Love provides? No more “been-there-done-that,” no more “Groundhog Day.”

This new Love Edition of the game offers freedom, expansion, knowledge, unity, subtle contrasts, more rewards, everyone wins, and abundance for all – so your choices are which “flavor” of abundance do you choose at this moment? The rules of the game have changed from “who gets the most, at any cost” to how we honor and respect ourselves and all others, how we share with each other, how we “play nice with others,” and how we learn from the various aspects and perspectives of our Soul-Self. When the game changes from an adversarial “us against them” mentality to a “full participation and cooperation” mentality, where we understand that we are all ONE with All-That-Is, and play ALL the parts, we explore new ways to create wondrous new tools and capabilities by being expansive, sharing knowledge with each other, and working as teams toward a common goal.

We are all ONE and we are all unique. We learn from each other through our uniqueness. We explore new expansive possibilities we never even dreamed of in the old version of the game. The Love Edition of “Earth: VR” allows us to dream BIG and live the dream. The dream is now expansive, unlimited, engaging, fun, and joyful. We are still unique, we still experience the contrasts, and we still have choices – the only difference is the replacement of “fear” with “Love” as the basic foundation of the game. I’m excited, eager, and ready to play this new game. Come join me in the new version of “Earth: The Virtual Reality Game – The Love Edition.”



Now, I would like to explain why I use the term “All-That-Is” to describe everything, seen and unseen – instead of “God.” I do equate God to All-That-Is or Source. I believe in God as Everywhere and Everywhen.

There are several reasons why I use All-That-Is instead of God:

  1. I am not talking in the religious sense of God; I am talking in the completeness of God as everything that exists, seen and unseen
  2. My message is intended for the entire world – all faiths (including agnostics and atheists) who have different words or phrases for God, as representing All-That-Is. I wish to share my message of global peace without exclusion of anyone’s faith, by using the neutral term All-That-Is
  3. Some of the worst atrocities of humans against humans use the name of God, or its equivalent, as justification for war and killing
  4. Many people fear God – the Wrath of God – in whatever manner the Creator/Supreme Being is named in their language and religion. Some of the fear is founded on the belief that everyone is born a sinner and must act, pay, or beg for forgiveness. They see God as outside themselves; a fearful Deity that demands worship, strict adherence to rules and laws, and fearsome punishment for the slightest infraction of any of the rules or laws. Many people are taught to fear God, to appease God, and to follow every rule in order to avoid the Wrath of God and eternal damnation in Hell
  5. Holy scriptures, including the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, and others, have included edicts on “right” behavior to avoid eternal damnation and to receive eternal bliss. Taking every word of these Holy documents as “truth” and “law,” many people are taught that they alone have been chosen by God – under the term used in their Holy Works – to obliterate and annihilate all others who are not of their faith. People don’t question whether a loving God – All-That-Is, of which we are a part, in which we all are a part – would wage war against any part of Itself. I do not judge nor denigrate any religion – only the portions written by humans to justify their religion as the only religion, and to maintain control over others by adding rules, edicts, and laws, as if they came from God. As All-That-Is, God loves all parts of Itself. God does not wage war against Itself. God does not punish Itself. God is Unconditional Love for Itself, as All-That-Is
  6. In many respects, God has been made in the image of man. God has been given a masculine gender. God is often depicted as a white man with a beard, up in the Heavens, looking down on us with either love or disdain, depending on our actions and adherence to the strict laws. God is often seen as separate from us, watching us, condemning us, and demanding from us. Many people live in fear of the “God of their own creation.” Many people have forgotten that God is within us and we are within, and a part of, God. God is All-That-Is; God is everything that exists, and to every one of us, regardless of religion or faith, God is eternal Unconditional Love. God would never ask one of Its parts to attack or kill another of Its parts. Those who kill others are like a cancer that kills other parts of the physical body. I believe that people don’t want to be a cancer to God’s physical Incarnation. I also believe that people don’t want to live in fear and distrust. People are all born with love, joy, and positive self attributes – which are still within each of us

Consider the possibility that some of your beliefs about “God” may be totally opposite of the actuality of God as All-That-Is. Test your beliefs against the “gold standard” of Unconditional Love showering all of us in the golden light of being parts of God as All-That-Is and having God as All-That-Is within us.

I will continue to use the term “All-That-Is” which is self-descriptive, or perhaps “Source” as the Source of our Souls and our selves. The use of different terms is not intended to describe different entities or forces. For example, think of “Source” as a shorter form of “God/Source/All-That-Is” which is, in fact, the complete term – long, but complete.


Let’s look at this week’s tools, activities, and summary:


  1. Be open to the possibility that your life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now.
  2. You were born filled with Love, Joy, and positive self-attributes.
  3. We Are All ONE with God as All-That-Is
  4. You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Envision the Earth as a giant Playground in which we all play as all being ONE with God as All-That-Is. What games do you choose to play? What part do you choose to take in the games?
  2. Review the beliefs you have, and measure them against your internal guidance system of Unconditional Love. As you think of a belief, how do you feel inside? Are you at peace? Then the belief appears to resonate with you. Otherwise, do you feel a new pain anywhere? Are you uncomfortable with the belief? If so, it may be a fear-based belief that you can acknowledge as forming the basis of many your actions, and then release it as no longer applicable to you. When you release the fear-based belief, consider what changes in your actions or behavior you will take that are aligned with a new love-based belief.

For example, let’s say you have a belief that your religion is the only true religion, and that anyone who is not in, and does not convert to, your religion is evil and must be killed. This may be a foundational belief instilled in you from birth; a belief that is part of your life. However, think of this belief from the perspective of all of us being ONE with All-That-Is and filled with Unconditional Love. Does the belief about killing others who are not of your faith demonstrate Unconditional Love? With you and all others actually ONE with All-That-Is, can you accept that All-That-Is would direct one of us to kill others of us as parts of All-That-Is? If you are afraid of NOT following the edict or law to kill those of other faiths, consider whether All-That-Is, comprising everyone and everything, would punish you for not killing another part of All-That-Is.

You are NOT being asked to reject your faith, or change any of your faith-based rituals or practice – only to look at the one “law” that says you must kill anyone who is not of your faith. All-That-Is gave us all free will to think and do what resonates within us. Would All-That-Is give you free will, only to take away your free will with an edict to kill others? All-That-Is is complete because of all of us parts. Would All-That-Is choose to diminish Itself by asking you to remove/eliminate/kill parts of Itself?


  1. We were born with gifts from All-That-Is of love, joy, and all positive self-attributes
  2. We are not separate physical beings, we are ONE with God as All-That-Is
  3. God, Source, and All-That-Is are synonymous terms for the all of everything, seen and unseen, simultaneously everywhere and everywhen, the eternal universal life force energy
  4. We are all ONE with All-That-Is, playing a physical game of our own creation, in physical bodies also of our own creation


You are welcome to visit my website at Under the “Living a Dream Resources” tab, I have added a bibliography of books that have inspired me and that resonate with my beliefs; I have also added new pages containing the text of the previous podcasts and will add the text of this podcast for you to review as you wish. In addition, Blog Talk Radio has recorded, saved, and makes available all the episodes of this Living a Dream: A Transformational Journey podcast series, so you can replay an episode whenever you choose.

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Our next podcast continues exploring our concept of our beliefs that may, or may not, be aligned with Unconditional Love as the “gold standard.” We will also start looking at ways that we can each help another, now that we accept all of us as ONE with All-That-Is.

I hope you will join me here next Tuesday, at 4:00 p.m. (Pacific US Time) / 7:00 p.m. (Eastern US Time).

Until then, this is Jo Calk signing off:

Blessings to all of us Dreamers on our Transformational Journey.


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