Living a Dream – Episode 40 – FINAL

Last Living a Dream Podcast Episode

Original Air Date:  March 17, 2020

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Episode 40 – Last Living a Dream Podcast Episode



Welcome to the fortieth episode of the Living a Dream: A Transformational Journey podcast. My name is Jo Calk. I am a Life Awareness Coach, Reiki Master, author, and speaker. Today’s episode is “The Last Episode.”

During this podcast series, you were open to the possibility that your life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now. When this podcast series started in 2019, there were 7.577 billion people on Earth; now, in 2020, Earth supports 7.8 billion people. Well over 200 million people were added to this planet in one year.

The Last Episode

We have come here—in physical form, to this place called Earth, at this particular and critical time in history—to participate in the evolution of our species. Evolution involves change, growth, and replacing the old with the new.

I’ve become too busy “doing” and not enough “being”: just enjoying life, drawing abundance, and finding joy and happiness within. I have given you my truths, which I will summarize in a minute, and now I am going to live my truths. Go inside your Self, find your own happiness, uncover your joy and love and positive self-attributes, and live your dreams!

We started this podcast series in 2019 with 12 Major Concepts of Spiritual Awakening that lead to The Global Shift in Consciousness:

  1. God/Source/All-That-Is are synonyms for the all of everything, seen and unseen, everywhere and everywhen. This is the foundation for our own Spiritual Awakening.
  2. We are all connected with everyone and everything at the level of the atom. There is no distinction between an atom in our hand and an atom in another’s hand or an object we’re holding.
  3. We are ONE as Source. Source is everything, we are part of everything therefore, We ARE Source.
  4. We are NOT a body – we HAVE a body-suit.
  5. Our Soul envelops our physical body-suit; our physical body-suit is within our Soul. Our Soul, or Higher Self, is the unseen Pure Energy aspect of us that extends out forever, joining with other Souls as the ONE Soul of Source.
  6. We were all born with gifts of love, joy, and positive self-attributes. We still have those gifts.
  7. We always have choices. We can choose fear, or we can choose love. We have preferences, not judgments, like preferring the coo of the dove to the caw of the crow. We can prefer one color over another, while not judging one color as “bad” or believe that one color is “better than” another color. All colors are equal and unique and join together in different combinations to provide variety to our life. Rejecting even one color results in a diminished palette for our world. We are each unique, with our own likes and dislikes. Don’t allow a dislike to turn into prejudice. Teach only love as your “go-to” response to all events. See the world as you want it to be – not as you think it is now.
  8. We were in a waking dream, believing what we sensed as solid, visible, and real. We awakened from this dream of believing we are separate physical beings in a separate physical world.

Release baggage, release judgment, as we float on our raft on the River of Life, safe within Source.

  1. Peace on Earth starts with having peace within our Selves. Having peace, love, gratitude, and the joy of being of service to others within creates Peace on Earth.
  2. The Global Shift to a love-based world is occurring now, and internally, we are shifting with it.
  3. We get what we focus on. Focusing on the lack of something brings more lack. Focus on what we already have, be grateful for what we have, and we will receive more of what we have and what we want.
  4. What if you were the only one who had to change, for the world to change? What if you are being given opportunities to respond to acts of violence with love instead of fear?

Next, we discussed Neale Donald Walsch’s “7 Simple Questions That Could Change the World”:

 The Three Persistent Questions

  1. How is it possible that 6.9 [now 7.8] billion people can all claim to want the same thing (peace, security, opportunity, prosperity, happiness, and love) and be singularly unable to get it?

We cannot get what we want because our model of the world does not allow it. Most people’s model of the world is a fort: isolation, separation, fear, lack of trust, scarcity, unfairness, limits on free will, confinement, limitation, lack and the belief that we are victims of external circumstances. Change the model of the world from a fort to a raft and we get: freedom, connection, inclusiveness, exploration, all are ONE as Source, floating on the River of Life, with free will to get off the raft wherever we want, in safety, and with the recognition that we are co-creators of our world.

  1. Is it possible that there is something we do not fully understand about life, the understanding of which would change everything?

“Yes!” We have learned that everything is Pure Source Energy, including all of us. We have forgotten we are Energy experiencing physicality on Playground Earth.

  1. Is it possible that there is something we do not fully understand about ourselves, about our own life and its purpose, the understanding of which would shift our reality and alter our experience for the better, forever?

Yes. We remembered, rediscovered, that we are all ONE as Source, we ARE Source. We are here with the intention to find and express joy and love and to be of service to others, as equal and unique aspects of our Selves as Source.

The Four Fundamental Questions of Life

  1. Who am I?

We are Source wearing a physical body-suit on the physical Playground Earth to experience contrasts; make choices; expand Source, the Universe, through knowing our Self as an integral part of Source; and being of service to others.

  1. Where am I?

We are Source experiencing physicality on Playground Earth. This Earth is Pure Eternal Energy (Source) vibrating slowly to create physical contrasts for Source to experience all aspects of Itself.

  1. Why am I where I am?

We are here, in this virtual reality called Playground Earth, to experience joy, create more joyful experiences, to attract contrasts and choose what we prefer, and to be of service to others as equal and unique aspects of Source.

  1. What do I intend to do about that?

We intend to remember that WE ARE Source and that this “reality” is actually a waking dream that we can change. We visualize our Self on the Love-Based Earth. We remain in our joy and respond to all events with love.

The Middle Way:

The world may seem to be divided into two polar opposites. We appear to have to choose between one side or the other. It’s time for a “wake-up call”! Make up your own mind. Don’t just mindlessly follow someone else. Be independent, find your own way, pursue your own dreams, uncover the love and joy within you, which is not controlled or manipulated by anyone else. Be your own self. Regain your own personal power for yourself.

Three Brains:

There are three brains in our body-suit: the cranial-brain, the heart-brain, and the gut-brain. We function most effectively when all three brains are in coherence, working together.

The Year 2020:

We have reached the conclusion of concurrent sets of twelve 2000-year cycles and five 5000-year cycles. Simultaneously, we are beginning a new set of 2000-year cycles and a new set of 5000-year cycles.

We are now replacing judgment with compassion, competition with cooperation, fear with love, isolation with interconnectedness, tribes with one global community, lack with abundance, hoarding with sharing, hate with love, rejection with acceptance, separation with Oneness, and human traits with divine.

January 1, 2020 started a year that has been highly anticipated throughout the world because 2020 has been designated as a major turning-point in the dawning of the Aquarian Age, which means we are leaving the Age of Pisces and entering into the Age of Aquarius. This change in the Age happens roughly every 20,000-25,000 years, depending on who is doing the counting.

The closing of the Piscean Age is causing great unrest and upheaval in the world, in order to make room for the new Aquarian values of love, brotherhood, unity, and integrity. Everything with the Piscean values of money, power, and control is being exposed and overhauled.

Neale Donald Walsch calls this current chaos, “The Storm Before the Calm.”

During the Age of Pisces, we were TOLD what to believe through religions, authority figures, dictators, etc. These external “powers” have been losing ground, and the shift is towards regaining our own personal power and trusting our own inner guidance.

The Age of Aquarius encourages us to look beyond the five senses and “gurus,” and experience true living by relying on our own guidance from within. Aquarius is an Age when we truly realize that the love we show towards others is the love we feel towards ourselves. This represents the Oneness of all things, which fosters unconditional love.

The Piscean Age has been dominated by hierarchy and power. During that Age, we needed to find someone or something to believe in. When we found that thing, we gave our power to that thing and were guided how to live.

The Aquarian Age will be dominated by networks and information. This is the age of information. Nothing is secret anymore. All information is available at our fingertips. Where the Piscean age was organized in a vertical, up and down structure of hierarchies, the Aquarian Age is organized in a horizontal network, opening the world up to true equality.

During this New Age, the focus is no longer on our identity as part of a hierarchical structure, but on accepting ourself as a whole person who does not need to believe in something outside of ourself. We are ready to accept that we have the knowledge and wisdom within ourselves. It is no longer necessary to give our power over to something outside ourselves, but to retain our own personal power and become a leader of only ourselves. Our life becomes our choice and our responsibility.


Living a New Dream

The title of this podcast, Living a Dream, started off as a reference to the illusion of separation, competition, lack, limitation, and isolation we had accepted as “real” and out of our control. Now, Living a Dream is being transformed into Living a Dream of our own choosing – witnessing our dreams coming true – in the new World Paradigm, the Aquarian Age, which brings cooperation, sharing, unlimited abundance, connectedness, love, and joy.

I have long had a dream of a NewHome, a whole New World with different parameters than the one I had found myself. Today, my greatest dream, my biggest vision, is the transformation of Earth into a joyous playground for all of us energy beings having beautiful experiences in this space-time “reality” of our own creation.

Every one of us has a role in NewHome, to work together with the Earth, animals, plants, rocks, and soil for the mutual benefit of all. We reciprocate by giving back to the Earth what we have taken out. We see a replenished Earth, healthy through the shared love and joy felt by all. We remember everything – all the knowledge we have as pure energy, experiencing and creating physicality of our choosing in this space-time playground. We have come full circle, awakening from our amnesia, fully aware and eager to create a greater synergy among the energy of all aspects of our True Selves rejoicing in our brighter dream. We remember our interconnection with each other as co-creators with Source – AS Source. Our freedom, love, and joy are unbounded, expansive, and creative.

This is the world I am living in. This is the world I am part of. This is the world I ask Source’s help to co-create with me every day. It’s not just my world; it belongs to all of Earth and its inhabitants.

What a glorious time to be alive! What wonders, joys, loves, and beautiful changes are coming!

Dream BIG and Live the Dream!

Finding NewHome

First, a bit of clarification. When I use the term “NewHome” now, I am not just referring to the scope of my dream, but to the scope of all of our dreams – all 7.8 billion of us interconnected energy beings currently exploring this physical playground called Earth.

Each of us has “free-will” to make our own choices about everything – especially the future that we create for ourselves. This is the New Age, the new paradigm of self-directed energy beings remembering who we are and why we are here. Everything we need is within us – we no longer need gurus, guides, coaches, teachers, or experts to tell us what to do with our lives.

“See the Unity of All Life”

#1 of 16 Behaviors of Highly-Evolved Beings

by Neale Donald Walsch in Awaken the Species


“Everybody comes from the same source. If you hate another human being, you’re hating part of yourself.” – Elvis Presley

Focus on those two quotes from two apparently different types of people. “See the unity of all life” includes your Self, other people, animals, plants, so-called “inanimate objects,” and the Earth herself. All that, plus so much more, are Source. All are composed of the same elements, the same atoms, which have no boundaries at that level.

To find NewHome, first go within and find your true Self, your Eternal Being that is experiencing all this physicality. Be as a child in a make-believe world, with the Earth as your playground. Find and apply your gifts of love, joy, and positive self-attributes. See Source in everyone and everything. Remember your true Self, your true purpose for this life experience. Remove the garbage that doesn’t apply to this new world, this NewHome of your dreams.


Evolution involves change, growth, and replacing the old with the new. The first 5 steps toward our evolution, based on the first several Behaviors of Highly-Evolved Beings by Neale Donald Walsch in his book Awaken the Species, were reviewed:

Step #1: “Tell The Truth Always”

Step #2: “Does What They Say Always”

Step #3: Does What Works

“We are All ONE, each expressing our uniqueness; ours is not a better way nor the only way, ours is merely another way.”

– modified from a Neale Donald Walsch quote by Jo Calk

Our story is changing; we are transforming internally; and we are manifesting the evolution of humanity.

Step #4: “Self-Regulate Their Behavior”

Step #5: “Does Not Experience Insufficiency. There Is No Lack”


What if you were the only one who had to change for your world to change?

  • What would you do differently?
  • How would you act and react to situations differently?
  • How would you feel inside?
  • What would you teach others?
  • Would you be able to accept the changes that NewHome brings?
  • Are you ready for something truly miraculous?

You have come here—in physical form, to this place called Earth, at this particular and critical time in history—to participate in the evolution of our species.

It all starts within you.

This is the last episode in the Living a Dream: A Transformational Journey podcast series, I have been sharing my truth with you for 40 weeks, and I am now ready to Live My Joy! I thank all of you who have listened along this journey. I hope some of what I said resonates with you and you have found your joy within.

We have come to an age where gurus, masters, teachers, mentors, and coaches are becoming less necessary once we have discovered Source’s Internal Guidance that has always been within us. We have everything we need to live our lives in joy, and to actually, truly, “live happily ever after.” We have learned we create our own reality – and that we are not victims of it.

Now is the time to be your own master and student, your own teacher and learner, your own adviser, guru, coach, healer – and anything else you truly want to be, do, or have. You are Source in a body-suit, and so is everyone else. The time for classes and programs is over – it is now time to learn from nature, share and learn from others who are equal and unique. Share your joy! Live your life to the fullest! Become whoever you truly want to be, live wherever you truly want to live, do whatever you truly want to do, and share your love and joy of everything with others.

Blessings to all of us on our transformational journey called LIFE!




ALL TEXT COPYRIGHT (c) 2020 by Jo Calk