Living a Dream – Episode 4

We Are All ONE

Original Air Date: June 18, 2019

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Complete text from the fourth episode of the Living a Dream podcast series:


We Are All ONE


Welcome to the fourth episode of the Living a Dream: A Transformational Journey podcast series. My name is Jo Calk. I am a Life Awareness Coach, Reiki Master, author, and speaker. Today’s episode is “We Are All ONE.”

First, I want to share my Personal Life Purpose Statement, which I created based on coaching by Brendon Burchard:

“The purpose of my life is to be present, joyful, and compassionate, to share my gifts and to be a role model to others, so that I might inspire others to make a difference in the world.”

My Ultimate Goal is the global enlightenment and peace on our Earth, our physical reality, through the awakening, awareness, and action of all its people in transforming our beliefs about each other and the Earth.

I am not alone in having this Goal of “Peace on Earth” and cooperation, caring, and sharing by all people. However, my approach is a bit different: I am enlightening the Earth from within.

 “You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi

In the third podcast, I explained that I use the term “All-That-Is” to represent the “all of everything that exists, seen and unseen,” and I asked you to replace “All-That-Is” with the word or phrase of your choice that represents “everything that exists in the Universe” to you.

In this episode, “We Are All ONE,” we’re going to expand on the “Looking Within Visualization” we did in the previous podcast and we are going to explore our self, our body, and our Soul.

We Are All ONE

Last week, we visualized looking deep within a small section of the skin on our hand as it was holding either another person’s hand or an object. When we visualized looking at a single atom within a single skin cell, we discovered that there was no color, no texture, and no boundaries at this level. We noticed all the space between the nucleus (the protons and neutrons) and the electrons in the atom in our skin cell. That is “All-That-Is” within the space, within the nucleus and the electrons, within US.

We also explored nearby atoms and discovered that there was no distinction between the atoms in our skin cell and the atoms in the skin cells of the other person’s hand or the atoms in the object we were holding. We noted how we are all interconnected with each other or with the object we were holding. We recognized that “We are all ONE.” Several exercises asked you to continue the “Looking Within Visualization” with holding different people’s hands, objects, trees, flowers, rocks, and the air. In every exercise, I hope you found that there was no differentiation between your own atoms and the atoms of the other things, or air, that you touched.

Thus, we are not only connected with each other, we are connected with every thing and every one on Earth. We are all connected within All-That-Is and All-That-Is is within us.

We are all ONE with All-That-Is

That statement has profound – and transformational – meaning to us, our beliefs, and our behaviors and actions. For example, when we believed we were separate isolated beings, we viewed another person as “not us” and, depending on our beliefs, we would either try to befriend the other separate person – or, perhaps, kill the other person as not being “us.” However, now that we have visualized that all of us are connected, that there are no physical separations at the deepest level of our being, and that we are all within All-That-Is and All-That-Is is within us, we shift our belief about being separate to the belief about being connected to all other beings. Because of our shift in that belief, the added belief in killing another as “not us” no longer has weight, value, importance, nor truth.

We are all within All-That-Is and All-That-Is is within us. All-That-Is loves each of us equally. Each of us is an equal, and unique, part of All-That-Is. We each have free will and we are each responsible for our own actions, reactions, and beliefs.

Soul and Body

Last week, we visualized how we are all One at the physical level of the atom. This week, we will visualize “We ARE All-That-Is” at the metaphysical or spiritual level. I am grateful to Neale Donald Walsch, who introduced me to the information I share with you today, in his book The New Revelations. His explanations were the missing link I needed in my personal worldview I had been developing for over 40 years. I am thankful to Neale Donald Walsch for sharing his insights with us.

Now, what is this breakthrough that has been such a revelation to me? I have long believed that we are not our bodies, but we have bodies. The true essence of “us” is far greater than any physical limits represented by the body-suit we wear. That Essence, Higher-Self, Superego, Soul-Self, or Soul is the purest expression of love, joy, and all the positive self-attributes we were born with and which still remain within us. My Soul always felt bigger than my body, but I was stuck in the long-taught belief that the Soul was inside the body. Neale Donald Walsch showed me that the Soul envelops the body – the body is actually within the Soul. That change in belief was the link I needed to understand my feeling of expansiveness and freedom. Let’s explore the Soul, or energy bubble, that envelops the body and expands outward.

In the Looking Within Visualization, where you touched another person’s hand or an object, you visualized that there was no distinction between an atom in your skin cell and an adjacent atom in the other person’s skin cell or the object. Stay with that concept of the atoms without boundaries, and how an atom of your skin cell easily adjoins an atom of the other person’s skin cell or object. Now, staying at the level of the atoms, visualize an energy bubble extending far beyond the atom of your skin cell. Because you are holding hands with another person or holding an object, your energy bubble flows through the other person or the object – and the energy bubble of the other person or object flows through you. There’s no collision of energy, no fighting for space, no dominance of one energy bubble over another. Our energy bubbles simply peacefully merge.

Now, expand the concept of your energy bubble continuing forever – and the energy bubbles of everyone else on Earth continuing forever. The merging of 7.5 billion energy bubbles (only counting humans at this point) envelops the entire Earth – and beyond to fill the Universe. Our merging energy bubbles actually ARE All-That-Is.

Within this merged energy bubble enveloping the entire Universe, there is no distinction of “my” energy or “your” energy. It is merely referred to as THE Energy. Remembering that the energy bubble enveloping our body and extending outward forever is actually our Soul, we realize that we are ONE Soul!

We ARE All-That-Is.

We are ONE Soul.

We ARE the Soul of All-That-Is.

I want you to grasp that concept fully: We ARE the Soul of All-That-Is.

We CAN Literally and Actually Change the World!

To Change the World, we need to examine and, as needed, change our beliefs about who we are, what we “should” be doing, what we fear, what we have always been taught, and how we view our Earth.

  • Be open to the possibility that your life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now.
  • Be open to the possibility that some of what you have been taught may no longer feel true and may no longer serve you.
  • Be open to the possibility that you are so much more than you have ever thought yourself.
  • Be open to the possibility that you are unique and that you and all other parts of this Universe are equally important.
  • Be open to the possibility that you are ONE with every thing and every one; there is no one or no thing in this Universe of which you are not a part – you ARE All-That-Is, and so is every one and every thing else.
  • Be open to the possibility that you CAN stop the violence, the deaths, the hate, and the destruction in this world.
  • Be open to the possibility that you are a powerful energy being co-creating this physical Earth and Universe along with 7.5 billion others, and that all of us co-exist as one Soul, All-That-Is, and Pure Unconditional Love.
  • Be open to the possibility of creating a paradigm shift in the world.
  • Be open to the possibility of moving away from a fear-based existence as limited physical beings existing somewhere on a hierarchical scale of value and worth, living under the fear of a powerful external presence that demands that we kill each other to appease that powerful external presence, and trying to grasp any morsel of food or drop of water we can from the limited resources that are controlled by a few who we are to consider “better” than us or “more worthy” than us.
  • Be open to the possibility of shifting toward a love-based existence as unique and equal co-creators of our world, living within the Pure Unconditional Love of All-That-Is as ourselves, equally sharing our abundance of resources including food and water for the benefit of ourselves no matter how we present ourselves in physical form.
  • Be open to the possibility of a life filled with love, joy, compassion, caring, sharing, abundance, and gratitude; of an Earth in full bloom in total harmony with us all.

At this point, I don’t necessarily expect that you can accept what I am saying. There have been thousands of years of rules, roles, laws, limitations, isolation, and fear for us to overcome. I am planting a seed of an alternative belief about our existence – how we each are so much greater than we ever thought possible. All I ask at this point is that you be open to the possibility that your life can change and improve on a global scale. Future podcasts will provide resources that build a firm foundation for the bold statements I have presented. I wanted to share with you a different vision of yourself and your importance to this world. Instead of first laying the groundwork toward the vision, I provide a view of the vision – and then we take the path toward the vision, while focusing on the vision.

Remember that Gandhi quote I mention in every podcast:

 “You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I said that this quote will take on an expanded meaning beyond physically working toward a change in the world. Because we ARE All-That-Is and we ARE ONE Soul, when we change our beliefs internally, our new beliefs are shared with all others and create an immediate shift in the world – in All-That-Is, in the very Soul of All-That-Is. We change the world from WITHIN.

Let’s look at an example of something that appears as individuals, but is actually one.


The rainforest is one single living organism. The separate trees above ground have their roots intermingled in a network. If one tree is unable to get water, other trees share their water through their commingled root system. Trees share nutrients and defenses against pathogens and invaders. The rainforest is strongest when every tree is strong. If the rainforest did not have the interconnected root system, allowing trees to share resources, a single diseased or infected tree could endanger the entire rainforest.

We can learn a lot from the rainforest. All people – and all things – are connected at our “root” or atom level. Humanity – like a rainforest – is only as strong as its weakest member. If one member of humanity is diseased, infected, hungry, or thirsty, it is in the best interest of humanity as a whole to share our resources.

What’s in it for you to share some of your resources? How about the survival of humanity itself – including your own survival. Of what value is collecting and hoarding resources, if humanity destroys itself from within? You may believe that those with the most “toys” wins, but what do you win? A trophy as the last one standing – and the last one to fall? That is a hollow victory when there is no one left to cheer you. You have become the last tree standing – surrounded by dead trees.

Think of the interconnection of all of humanity. I’m sure you can think of numerous ways in which you can share your bounty with those who have none. We ARE All-That-Is.

I will close this discussion with a brilliant statement from Neale Donald Walsch that we can all practice as our mantra, because it removes hierarchical thinking, competition, conflict, and divisiveness from our experience:

“We Are All One; ours is not a better way,

ours is merely another way.”


Let’s look at this week’s tools, activities, and summary:


  1. Be open to the possibility that our life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now.
  2. We were born filled with Love, Joy, and positive self-attributes.
  3. We Are All ONE with All-That-Is – We ARE All-That-Is.
  4. You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Repeat the “Expanded Looking Within Visualization” to include your Soul, your energy bubble, which envelops your physical body and extends in all directions unlimited perpetually. Feel the expansion of your Self, your Soul, as it spreads around the Earth and out into the Universe, merging with the Self, Soul, of all other humans, and forming the Soul of All-That-Is. Feel the calm centeredness of knowing that You ARE All-That-Is.
  2. Journal, write, talk, sing, or draw about the experience of being ONE energy expressed throughout the Universe. What does it feel like? How do you feel now? Do you feel more expansive, more open, more connected? Do you understand your importance and your power?


  1. We are not separate physical beings; our physical bodies are all connected.
  2. At the deepest level of our being, there is no distinction between “us” and “not us.”
  3. Our Soul envelops, surrounds, our physical body and extends forever in every direction, merging with the Soul of every one and every thing else – We Are ONE Soul.
  4. We Are All THE ONE Soul of that which is All-That-Is.


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Our next podcast continues to explore our concept that we are all One with All-That-Is, we will find out what in the world we are doing here, and why I use the term “All-That-Is.”

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Blessings to all of us Dreamers on our Transformational Journey.


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