Living a Dream – Episode 31

A New World 

Original Air Date:  January 14, 2020

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Episode 31 – A New World


Welcome to the thirty-first episode of the Living a Dream: A Transformational Journey podcast. My name is Jo Calk. I am a Life Awareness Coach, Reiki Master, author, and speaker. Today’s episode is “A New World.”

First, I want to share my 2020 Life Purpose Statement:

“The purpose of my life is to be present, joyful, and compassionate, and to share my joy, make a difference, and be a role model to others.”

My revised Ultimate Goal is the global enlightenment and peace on our Earth, our physical reality, through our awakening, awareness, and action in transforming our beliefs into cooperation with each other and the Earth.

I am not alone in having this Goal of “Peace on Earth,” but my approach is a bit different: I am enlightening the Earth from within.

During this podcast series, please be open to the possibility that your life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now.

In last week’s episode, we discussed the dawning of the New Age, the Aquarian Age, and the transformed world it brings with it, starting this year, 2020. This year’s podcasts presume the world as we have known it is gradually fading away, with more of the newly transformed love-based world unfolding before us every day. Living in this transformed world may require some major shifts and changes in our beliefs, attitudes, actions, and reactions. Each podcast will address one such shift or change, and how we can all complete our transformation, aligned with the New Age.

This year we are beginning the Age of Aquarius, a new set of twelve 2000-year cycles and a new set of five 5000-year cycles.

We are now replacing judgment with compassion, competition with cooperation, fear with love, isolation with interconnectedness, tribes with one global community, lack with abundance, hoarding with sharing, hate with love, rejection with acceptance, separation with Oneness, and human with Divine.


A New World

In this podcast, I will:

  1. explain a vision of the entire world as a New Home for the Earth and all its inhabitants
  2. provide tools and activities to incorporate this information into your life

The closing of the Piscean Age has caused great unrest and upheaval in the world, in order to make room for the new Aquarian Age. At this time, it is more important than ever that we release the past values of money, power, and control – the governments, corporations, individuals, and even personal relationships that had us under the grip of fear and kept us feeling lack. All those old values are being replaced with the new values of love, cooperation, unity, and integrity.

We are all becoming more aware of our Selves as ONE as Source; how we are ALL equal and unique. As Source Energy in a body-suit, we each have our own internal guidance to recover our birthright of love, joy, and all positive self-attributes. We regain our personal power from people and organizations to which we had previously surrendered our power and decision-making. Recognizing that we all exist as Source, we respect our Selves and all others as equals and unique, being of service to everyone and everything existing on this Playground Earth. As Source in a body-suit –interconnected with every other body-suit, animal, tree, plant, rock, soil, and the Earth itself, all also within Source – we no longer feel isolation, fear, jealousy, prejudice, anger, mistrust, or separation. We realize we are here to find our joy, choose what we prefer, and be of service to others for the good of all.

Science and technology will be used to improve human and environmental situations on Earth, and no longer for monetary gain. From now on, progress will represent decisions or activities where ALL things and people gain from the change.

Rather than depending only on our five senses and the edicts of “authorities,” we rely on our own guidance from within. We realize that the love we show towards others is the love we feel towards our Selves. This represents the Oneness of all things which fosters unconditional love.

We finally KNOW we are the “creators” of our experiences. We focus on making our lives a Heaven on Earth.

The Aquarian Age also fosters wisdom and upliftment. It is an Age of reason and, through this, of understanding and enlightenment. Clarity of mind is gaining importance in this Age.


Living a New Dream

The title of this podcast, Living a Dream, started off as a reference to the illusion of separation, competition, lack, limitation, and isolation we had accepted as “real” and out of our control. Now, Living a Dream is being transformed into Living a Dream of our own choosing – witnessing our dreams coming true – by the new World Paradigm, the Aquarian Age, which brings cooperation, sharing, unlimited abundance, connectedness, love, and joy. Feel that dream of a love-based world of our own creation every day and embrace the changes and transformations you experience from the new world you are creating each day.

For almost 50 years, I have long had a dream of a New Home, a whole New World with different parameters than the one I had found myself. At the time I started envisioning this New Home, I could not imagine this happening on Earth, so I created a new planet with new rules, guidelines, “simple laws,” beliefs, and expectations. Now, with the dawning of the New Age and a love-based world, I now have hope that my vision of a New Home can be manifested on Earth.

I actually started this beautiful vision almost 50 years ago, when I envisioned a select group of 100 people traveling through space and founding a new home on some distant planet far from Earth. The 100 people represented all “races,” socioeconomic levels, ages, educational levels, skills, and every other distinction created by humans to compare and contrast themselves from others. Fifty years ago, I could not imagine the Earth ever becoming as perfect as my vision, so I called the distant planet they inhabited “NewHome.” I had created the entire world in my mind: the underground transportation system, called the “Cap” for the capillary system on which it was based, with driverless cars called “cells” that would arrive to your home when called, take you anywhere you wanted via a verbal request, and bring you back home – all underground, all in comfort and safety. Above ground was reserved for growing food, raising animals, and for pure enjoyment of the beauty of nature. Large underground cisterns captured rainwater, which was stored till needed during the dry season. Everyone was an equal member of the community, all worked in support of the community in jobs that matched their skills, abilities, and interests and brought joy and happiness to them. Bartering was the method of obtaining whatever was needed – there was no need for money, ownership of anything, or hierarchy of leaders and followers. There was much more to the scenario, but I think you get the idea.

Of course, my worldview and my view of Earth have changed greatly over the past 50 years. Nevertheless, NewHome remained my biggest dream, my hope for the future.

Today, my greatest dream, my biggest vision, what I envision as my mission or purpose in this life is the transformation of Earth into a joyous playground for all of us energy beings having beautiful experiences in this space-time “reality” of our own creation. I now believe that people don’t have to travel to another planet to terraform it into the NewHome of my dream. Now I know – remember – Who I Am and Who Others Are: we are each a part of Source, wearing our body-suit and slowing our vibration to play in a space-time reality where we can see “cause and effect” as two distinct events, rather than the cause-effect instantaneousness of our Reality as pure energy. We are powerful beings of energy, each wearing a body-suit we selected before entering this space-time, who have forgotten our own Reality while we experienced contrasts and chose which outcome we preferred. I now totally believe that this Earth, our current home, can be transformed into the NewHome of my consistent vision – not with just one hundred plus adventurous people on a distant planet, but with 7.5 billion powerful energy beings all working together to effect great change for the benefit of ALL of Earth.

Remembering we are each unique and equal as Source, , we acknowledge our unique gifts which, when shared with the gifts of all other people on Earth, can perform miracles. Earth is our playground, our chosen platform to experience space and time. We acknowledge the consciousness of Earth, all people, all animals, all plants, and all previously-called “inanimate objects” such as rocks – whose vibration is at a different level than ours, making them appear to be unmoving. We are all here on Earth to joyously create a NewHome of our choosing – a Heaven on Earth where there is nothing to fear, only to enjoy and love.

Earth is a healthy biosphere: alive, self-sustaining, and growing. Abundance is evident in everything, as we each acknowledge our purposes, gifts, and interconnectedness. We are eternal beings, eternally expanding the Universe and enhancing our love and joy. All of our consciousness – free from thoughts and beliefs of separateness, lack, competition, and hierarchy – becomes unified with the same goals of cooperation, sharing, and working with the Earth as a consciousness, an entity, a living creation of our Collective Consciousness as Source, for the freedom and enjoyment of all. We recognize that giving to others is actually giving to our Selves as equal aspects of Source.

Every one of us has a role in NewHome, to work together with the Earth, animals, plants, rocks, and soil for the mutual benefit of all. We reciprocate by giving back to the Earth what we have taken out. We see a replenished Earth, healthy through the shared love and joy felt by all. We remember everything – all the knowledge we have as pure energy, experiencing and creating physicality of our choosing in this space-time playground. We have come full circle, awakening from our amnesia, fully aware and eager to create a greater synergy among the energy of all aspects of our True Selves rejoicing in our brighter dream. We remember our interconnection with each other as co-creators with Source – AS Source. Our freedom, love, and joy are unbounded, expansive, and creative.

What is my vision of NewHome? I have general concepts, but the details, created by the Collective Consciousness of everyone and everything, will provide the specific ways and means of creating something even greater than I can imagine. Energy – of which everyone and everything consists – is transformed for the benefit of all. We reshape energy in a mutually creative way for the greater joy of all. We each have gifts, skills, and talents to contribute toward the common goal of food, housing, livelihood, recreation, and entertainment for all. We each have a dream and a path, and we respect the dreams and paths of all others. With a common goal, there is no wrong path toward approaching it.

I hold the image of being a unique, equal part of the whole, contributing to the whole through my gifts, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. I envision Earth, where its people have awakened from the long, difficult dream of being separate and fearful, to the Reality where everything is energy, including all of us and everything we sense with our 5 physical senses. We see this Reality as a playground, where we enjoy physical experiences, while retaining all of our knowledge, power, and purpose as Source. As within, so without.

The Earth and the Universe are reflections of our regained memories of our Self as Source. We embrace the New Era, the New Earth, and the New Universe as glorious reflections of our love and joy, expressed through the vibrations of energy.

“Do without doing and everything gets done.”

– Tao-te Ching

This is the world I am living in. This is the world I am part of. This is the world I ask Source’s help to co-create with me every day. It’s not just my world; it belongs to all of Earth and its inhabitants. I do my part to create the dream, and I’m not doing it alone – I ask for help and guidance from Source to create a world even better than my dreams. A world filled with joy, beautiful surprises, love for everyone and everything, and communities sharing, helping, and being of service to each other. All is possible; all is manifesting even now.

I start by feeling the joy, freedom, love, compassion, equality, and uniqueness with everyone and everything I meet. I stay in my joy, knowing that the Earth is even now transforming into the loving community that brings about more positive change, love, joy, and passion, and encircling the Earth with a joyous network, all within Source.

What a glorious time to be alive! What wonders, joys, loves, and beautiful changes are coming!

Dream BIG and Live the Dream!

Source, and the Universe within it, expands with our experiences of contrasts; the expansion increases through the joy and peace we experience. It’s like the movie, Monsters Inc., where monsters who once collected power for their world from the screams of terrified little children discovered they obtain even more power from the children’s laughter.

A flourishing of our Selves, the Earth, the Universe, and Source continues with the new 2000-year cycle and the new 5000-year cycle just beginning. A new era filled with joy, happiness, cooperation, sharing, and uplifting experiences. We’re already living in the love-based world. We are now shaking off the old layers of garbage from the previous Age, revealing our bright gifts of joy, happiness, and positive self-attributes, with which we entered this physical Playground Earth.

It is a whole new world, a NewHome, of global interconnections of communities of people living, working, and volunteering together for the benefit of all. Communities share resources among themselves and with other communities throughout the world. Expertise in one community is shared with other communities. Abundance and surplus in one community is shared with others. The energy exchange, the “coin of the realm” has transformed into an exchange of products and services, with equal value placed on the products, resources and services of every community. Just as each person is equal and unique, each community is equal and unique.

Communities are flowing entities within Source; they are not rigid or closed. Community members freely move from one community to another, to gain new experiences and to share unique talents and gifts. The entire Earth sings as a cooperative collection of communities of people helping each other and the Earth. We are creating the true Heaven on Earth we denied ourselves for so long out of fear. The new joy, love, and sharing of this love-based world spreads throughout the planet, uplifting all people from within, from the Source from which each of us is created. Our experience in physicality on Playground Earth has turned joyful and loving, and we acknowledge each other as all equal and unique, as ALL as Source.

Let’s look at this week’s tools, activities, and summary:


  1. Be open to the possibility that your life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now.
  2. You always have options and choices.
  3. We have reached the conclusion of concurrent sets of twelve 2000-year cycles and five 5000-year cycles. Simultaneously, we are beginning a new set of 2000-year cycles and a new set of 5000-year cycles.
  4. Rather than Living a Dream of isolation and fear, we are now Living a Dream of our own creation, with the Earth transforming into a NewHome for all as we form a global network of communities for the benefit of all.
  5. We Are All ONE as Source – we are all Pure Energy wearing a body-suit for our adventure in physicality on Playground Earth.
  6. Replace fear with love, knowing that we are all safe as Source.
  7. By changing within, we become the change in the world.
  8. We are all part of The Global Shift in Consciousness that is occurring now.


  1. Stop, go within, and notice the changes happening throughout the world. Welcome the change into your heart and all through your body-suit.
  2. Envision the Earth as a giant Playground in which we all play as Pure Energy Beings having a physical experience. Imagine working together with others for the well-being of all – including the Earth.
  3. Imagine no longer living in fear. Imagine seeing everyone AS US. Imagine being calm, knowing we are Source Energy in a body-suit of our own creation, in a Playground Earth of our own creation, within the multiple Universes of Source’s creation.
  4. Think about what changes a love-based world provides. What do you love doing, that brings you joy and is of service to others? How does the world appear now that everything and everyone is viewed from love, instead of fear?
  5. Notice the myriad of options you face each day. Become aware of when you “choose by default” by allowing someone else to choose for you, notice when you believe you only have two choices, and notice when you create a third choice.


  1. We are awakening from the dream that we are victims of this world. We created this world from love and joy; we are returning this world to love and joy now that we remember we are all ONE as Source.
  2. Rather than Living a Dream of isolation and fear, we are now Living a Dream of our own creation, with the Earth transforming into a NewHome for all as we form a global network of communities for the benefit of all.
  3. To change the world, we change our beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, actions, and reactions from within ourselves, as Pure Source Energy surrounding a body-suit.
  4. We replace fear with love in every situation.
  5. The Global Shift to Peace on Earth is occurring; we have chosen to take part in the Transformation.
  6. We already have within us everything we need to be happy and to live a life of joy.

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The next podcast is “Manifesting NewHome.” You will be introduced to some possible methods to bring the concept of the Earth as a global network of communities to manifestation.

I hope you will join me here next Tuesday, at 4:00 p.m. (Pacific US Time) / 7:00 p.m. (Eastern US Time).

This is Jo Calk signing off:

Blessings to all of us Dreamers on our Transformational Journey.


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