Living a Dream – Episode 12

The Global Shift

Original Air Date:  August 20, 2019

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Complete text of episode 12 of the Living a Dream podcast series:

The Global Shift


Welcome to the twelfth episode of the Living a Dream: A Transformational Journey podcast. My name is Jo Calk. I am a Life Awareness Coach, Reiki Master, author, and speaker. Today’s episode is “The Global Shift.”

First, I want to share my Life Purpose Statement:

“The purpose of my life is to be present, joyful, and compassionate, and to share my joy, make a difference, and be a role model, so that I bring awareness to others that, by changing some of their internal beliefs and judgments, they can also make a difference in the world.”

My Ultimate Goal is the global enlightenment and peace on our Earth, our physical reality, through the awakening, awareness, and action of its people in transforming our beliefs about each other and the Earth.

I am not alone in having this Goal of “Peace on Earth,” but my approach is a bit different: I am enlightening the Earth from within.

You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi


During this podcast series, please be open to the possibility that your life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now.


In the last episode, we changed our Life Model from a “fort” to a “raft,” and recognized how the differences such a change from a fear-based model to a love-based model can affect our lives for the better. We learned that, to effect Peace on Earth, we must act as if Peace on Earth was already here: The Global Shift has already happened, and we are awakening to the new love-based era and positive Group Consciousness. Enjoy each moment, while taking action toward your dream.

We discovered that we could have preferences, like preferring the coo of the dove over the caw of the crow, without prejudice. We can prefer one color over another, while not judging one color as “bad” or believing that one color is “better than” another color. All colors of the spectrum are equal and unique. All colors join together in different combinations to provide variety to our life. Be open to all colors. Rejecting even one color results in a diminished pallet for your world.

We learned that, when faced with a new situation, we either respond with love or fear. The deep-seated emotions and actions of hate, anger, destruction, and killing are all fear-based and are learned behavior and beliefs – often from childhood. Clear the clutter inside and outside; carrying baggage from the past oppresses us, and too much emotional baggage weighs down our raft. Keep only what resonates and gives us joy; release the rest. Free ourselves from the past.


Now, to this week’s episode: The Global Shift

We have been talking a lot about The Shift, The Global Shift, so this week we are going to define what we mean by “The Global Shift,” what some possible outcomes are, and what those outcomes mean to us as humans on planet Earth.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

Recently, more people are beginning to consciously awaken from the dream of being a separate, isolated, physical body. This awakening aligns with the Earth’s Shift in consciousness. For the first time in recorded history, the human experience is shifting toward greater spiritual awakening.

A New Earth, a love-based Earth, is emerging and we are all awakening and changing in alignment with that new world. Like the massive display of fireworks at the end of a show, we are bombarded with the last vestiges of the old fear-based Earth. We can maintain our love and joy inside, while marveling at the formidable sound and fury which will end with silence – like the end of the last fireworks display – introducing the new love-based world.

We are currently experiencing a time of chaos, as the old fear-based world is shifting to the new love-based paradigm. Our old rules and practices no longer work in this new world, freeing us to find our birthright of love, joy, and positive self attributes. It’s as if we are just starting to awaken from a fearful dream, still thinking it’s real, but gradually becoming fully aware of who we really are: we are all Source experiencing a material playground.

As more people remember that we are ONE as Source, we recognize and accept our power to bring love, joy, happiness, compassion, and caring to all on this planet. There is a freedom from the fear-based past. A joy in expressing our free will, no longer bound by oppressive rules that turn us against each other as enemies. We build strong communities, care for each other, and create new guidelines for a joyful, compassionate life. Equality and uniqueness of all people is celebrated. Energy previously expended as action against each other is now focused on action for the benefit of all.

As the Earth is undergoing a shift to a love-based paradigm, internally we are undergoing a shift in our core beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors. We are experiencing internal chaos, as long-held beliefs are found to no longer apply in a love-based world. It is difficult to release the old well-worn beliefs that guided and influenced all our thoughts and actions, but with each release of an old fear-based belief there is a release of stress and burden from within ourselves. We start to sense freedom and joy, and we want more of it.

What was previously comfortable has become confining and limiting. We now seek out new experiences to explore, knowing we are always safe. Profound peace and joy provide much-welcomed relief to the overly stressed body-suits. With our emerging positive attitudes and beliefs, we attract positive responses from Source, which is expanding from our joy and freedom. What a miraculous time to be alive! What an amazing transformation for us and the world! There is nothing to fear here. We have awakened from our slumber and joyously explore and be of service to our new world.

This is the global awakening, The Global Shift, where we each transform to the new love-based world in our own unique way. As the Earth’s vibration increases, our own vibration – our energy – increases in beautiful synchronicity. We are in tune with the Earth, with the universe. Our body-suits, freed from the constant stress, now relax, allowing our natural healing to return. Our minds, no longer stuck in a fearful past and foreboding future, now focus on cooperative ventures for the benefit of Earth and all its inhabitants. We acknowledge ourselves as Pure Source Energy, as Light, and united as being ONE as Source. Each of us, with our own unique skills, interests, and abilities, embarks on our own journey of replacing the old rules with new love-based guidelines. All aspects of life are improved. The equality and uniqueness of all people, animals, plants, and the Earth bring a deep sense of joy in our lives and in being of service to others, to cooperatively create a better world for all.

We also remember that we are playing a game on playground Earth, allowing us to experience fun, play, and joy in our lives.

Relax in the new love-based world, knowing that being ONE as Source working together, Source Itself provides whatever we need to sustain our love and joy, as well as contribute to the love and joy of the world. We are no longer separate, isolated beings, fearfully cowering in our forts. We are now on our own rafts, floating down the River of Life with the world literally opened to all of us.


In a Love-Based World, …

  • the body-suit is no longer at Defcon 1, pumping the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, continuously throughout the body. We are at peace internally, which allows our digestive system to return to normal, our immune system to be turned back on, and our natural healing ability to be reinstated.
  • value is placed on the difference we make in the world, not on the amount of money or resources we have accumulated.
  • corporations are rated on their humanitarian benefits, not on their wealth, power, influence, or control.
  • money ceases to be equated with power; it is merely used as one form of energy exchange for products and services.
  • all are seen as equal.
  • we are all safe, so we all can have fun, play, and be of service to each other, through joy and love.
  • there are no more victims, no more “haves” and “have-nots.”
  • there is global cooperation.
  • we are playing Legos® not Monopoly®.
  • we make advancements in all areas, for the benefit of all.
  • our online games increase techniques, skills, and fun, not violence or adrenaline-pumping.
  • there is no need to gamble, because we get what we focus on.
  • there is an end to violence, which is seen as actually attacking ourselves.


This leads to a dialog I had with Source/My Higher Self:


Question: What is keeping me from being love-based right now?

Response: The Global Consciousness. Many of those who are here now have been here since before The Shift, when the Global Consciousness that sets the parameters of the game were still fear-based. You are still in a fear-based game, but it is slowly shifting. As the Shift to love-based occurs, everyone’s life is uplifted, and the new paradigm replaces the old choices with new choices. You now continue to see and experience fear and violence because you believe they still exist. When you truly believe that the rules have changed to love-based, all will change.

Q: I think that I have peace in my heart, and then another act of violence is shown to me.

A: You bring that act of violence to you to demonstrate that your dream, your goal, your mission is not yet manifested. How do you react to the violence?

A: I get discouraged and renew my vision for Peace on Earth.

Q: You have a fear-based reaction, which you see as proving you have not shifted. Do you believe there is more to be done before the fear-based foundation is changed?

A: Yes. I believe that 12% of the population must feel, believe, and live in a love-based way for The Shift to occur.

Q: Because someone told you that, right?

A: Yes.

Q: What if you were the only one who had to change? What if you are being given opportunities to respond to an act of violence with love instead of fear? To see the increased violence as an indicator that it is the last gasp of the old paradigm – the mountain you must climb to see the freedom, joy, and love of the new paradigm?

Think of this as the finale of multiple fireworks going off at the end of a show, followed by silence and calm. Live each day in peace and joy; love everyone as a potential friend; send love to those who are hurting or sick. Believe that The Shift has already occurred. Live your life as if you were already in a love-based world; the world will respond with love. Teach what you need to learn. Listen to yourself; listen to the guidance you give. Find the peace within and peace will be reflected back to you. Respond with love and love will be returned to you. You are given this time, this freedom from “doing,” so you can go within and find that which you seek is already inside you, waiting to be uncovered from beneath the old beliefs, the old patterns of thought that no longer suit you or the future you envision.

You get what you focus on, remember? Focus on the joy, the happiness, the love, the peace within you and you will see your change reflected in the world. This is why you came. You are the microcosm of the Earth as it prepares for The Shift in consciousness. Shine the light within, the world shines back.

Change your story. See the world as you want it to be – not as you believe it is now.


Let’s look at this week’s tools, activities, and summary:


  1. Be open to the possibility that your life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now.
  2. We Are All ONE as Source – we are all Pure Energy
  3. We were all born filled with Love, Joy, and positive self-attributes. Go within ourselves to find all our gifts awaiting our rediscovery of them.
  4. Replace fear with love, knowing that we are all Source.
  5. As your life model, replace the fear-based “fort” with a love-based “raft.”
  6. By changing within, we become the change in the world.
  7. We are all part of The Global Shift in Consciousness, the higher vibration, the change to a love-based world, that is occurring now.



  1. Envision the Earth as a giant Playground in which we all play as Pure Energy Beings having a physical experience. Our games have become cooperative and fun. We are filled with joy and happiness.
  2. Imagine no longer living in fear. Imagine seeing everyone AS US. Imagine being calm, knowing we are Source Energy in a body-suit of our own creation, in a playground Earth of our own creation, within the multiple Universes of Source’s creation.
  3. Think about what changes a love-based world would provide. What would you love doing, that brings you joy and is of service to others? How would the world appear if everything and everyone were viewed from love?



  1. We must awaken from the dream that we are victims of this world. We created this world from love and joy; we can return this world to love and joy when we remember we are all ONE as Source.
  2. To change the world, we change our beliefs, actions, and reactions within ourselves, as Source Energy surrounding a body-suit.
  3. Replace fear with love in every situation.
  4. View your life as if you were floating peacefully on a raft, expressing your free will, and what brings you joy, peace, love, and happiness. You can be and do anything you want to, by wanting it and acting toward being it.
  5. Peace on Earth is coming from The Global Shift, of which we are an important part.


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