Living a Dream – Episode 11

Change Your Life Model to Change the World

Original Air Date:  August 13, 2019

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Complete text of episode 11 of the Living a Dream podcast series:

Change Your Life Model to Change the World


Welcome to the eleventh episode of the Living a Dream: A Transformational Journey podcast. My name is Jo Calk. I am a Life Awareness Coach, Reiki Master, author, and speaker. Today’s episode is “Change Your Life Model, to Change the World.”

First, I want to share my Life Purpose Statement:

“The purpose of my life is to be present, joyful, and compassionate, and to share my gifts, make a difference, and be a role model, so that I bring awareness to others that, by changing some of their internal beliefs and judgments, they can also make a difference in the world.”

My Ultimate Goal is the global enlightenment and peace on our Earth, our physical reality, through the awakening, awareness, and action of all its people in transforming our beliefs about each other and the Earth.

I am not alone in having this Goal of “Peace on Earth,” but my approach is a bit different: I am enlightening the Earth from within.

You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi

During this podcast series, please be open to the possibility that your life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now.


In the last episode, we learned that our “keeper of the planet” – Source – has been trying to tell us that this is all “illusion,” a dream, and to keep our thoughts “fun and peaceful,” but we have not been listening. We are too enmeshed in fighting off tigers and avoiding knights on horseback. We continue to defend ourselves against dangers and monsters of our own creation. Let’s start listening to that voice within us and surrounding us – the voice of our Soul, telling us that we are dreaming we are physical, when we actually are Pure Energy enveloping a body-suit.

We transformed the energy we expended maintaining separate lists of friends and enemies, and now see everyone as not being “for us” or “against us” but “AS US,” as Source Itself. Once we have expanded our definition of “us” to include all of Source, we see a united Earth where we can freely share our gifts, knowledge, skills, and resources with others, for the benefit of all. As Source Itself, we see how we all share stewardship of, not ownership or power over, the Earth.


Now, to this week’s episode: Change Your Life Model to Change the World

A Life Model is a visual representation of what we believe our life to be. For example, some see life as a prison; others see it as hell on Earth. Some visualize a school where we are given endless tests; for some, life’s a play and we are all actors.

With the world as we now believe it to be, we have used a “fort” as our life model. We have built “forts” to protect us from the dangers of this world and of the other people in this world, many of whom appear to be against us. Our forts attempt to provide safety for us, while allowing us to defend ourselves from any and all intruders – often through the use of deadly force. Our life view is based on what we can see from our fort. We see a fort as the only choice we have to survive in this hostile, fear-based world. Everyone outside our fort is considered our “enemy.”

We built our forts to protect us from our enemies – which means that our focus is on our enemies, which attracts more enemies. As we unknowingly attract more and stronger enemies through our fear, we have to expand our fortifications against new fearsome enemies who could break through our original fort. Our walls have to be higher, thicker, and sturdier. We need more small holes through which to shoot the increasing number of enemies attacking. Our body-suits are on constant high-alert, demanding more and more adrenaline and cortisol production for the “fight” response – within a fort, there are no “flight” or “freeze” options. When in fear, the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, stop digestion, shut down our immune system, and halt our inner healing – we become sick from the stress. This escalating cycle of focusing on enemies, creating more and stronger enemies, requiring increasing fortification of our forts, and being on constant high-alert takes a toll on our body-suits, leading to adrenal failure, stress-related diseases, and early “death.”

We may designate some of us to attack neighboring forts, to increase our total number of forts, thus increasing our dominance over and elimination of our enemies. Although there may be some love and compassion for those within the fort, fear and anger are our basic emotions and actions toward those outside the fort.

Can you see another way to visualize your life on Earth? Can you think of a love-based alternative to a “fort”? How about a “raft”? Change your life model, change the world.

A raft is generally open and floats along a river with little, if any, effort to steer it. We slowly float, watching the scenery pass by, enjoying the changes in plants, animals, places, and people we meet along the way. We can stop our raft at any point, get out, and explore the area, knowing that we are safe everywhere because we and everything else are part of Source. After our visit, we return to our raft and continue slowly riding the River of Life.

Let’s compare forts and rafts.

  • We build forts, anticipating attack from outside; we build rafts, enjoying the love inside us.
  • Forts are confining; rafts are freeing.
  • Stronger defense of a fort attracts even stronger offense requiring additional fortification of our defense; floating on the River of Life is based on love, trust, and a calm, peaceful center within us.
  • Forts may have limited supplies and resources; rafts can stop for supplies anywhere along the way, and all places are filled with abundance of every category.
  • Forts limit activity; rafts invite activity.
  • Forts have rules for your “protection”; rafts have “teach only love” as their basic premise.
  • Forts limit free will; rafts welcome and encourage free will.
  • Forts provide limited options from which to choose; rafts provide multiple options from which to choose.
  • Forts become crowded and stagnant; rafts allow exploration and the ability to dock at different venues along life’s journey.
  • Forts become boring; rafts are exciting and bring new adventures each day.
  • Forts are fear-based; rafts are love-based.

What beliefs would you have to change to envision your life journey as a raft floating down a peaceful river, rather than as a fort constantly fighting off enemies?


How do you change your life model from a fort to a raft?

Go within and find the gifts of love, joy, and positive self-attributes you were given at birth. Freely share your love and your gifts with others.

You create what you desire most, so desire only love, compassion, and being of service to others. Trust that a fort is not needed when your focus is on love; release the fear of needing a fort. Remember that you have everything you need within you, as you relax on your raft, floating along the River of Life. Maintain your Inner Child’s curiosity, wonder, and excitement at everything you see and experience along your journey. Remember you are safe; you have chosen love, and Source supports you in that love. Live in the moment, be mindful in the moment, stay focused in the moment, absorbing it all, happily and joyously observing everything around you from your raft. Give unconditional love to everything and everyone. Don’t take anything or anyone on your raft; this is your journey; you can visit others often along your journey. Source smooths the river, while you stay in joy. Respond to everything and everyone with pure love, unconditional love, joy, and gratitude.

Act as if Peace on Earth is already here: the Shift has already happened, and you are awakening to the new Love-based era and Group Consciousness. Enjoy each moment, while taking action toward your dream.

I have an example of seeing, hearing, and sensing everything and everyone as love-based, without fear or judgment.

In the morning, I am usually awakened by a bird call: either a dove or a crow. My Source/Soul within me asked, “Does the crow bother you? Would you prefer the dove? Why? Both are part of Source.” I respond that the crow sounds harsh while the dove sounds soothing, to which Source replies, “So you’ve been told. Both are equal. Both birds are expressing themselves. One bird is not better than the other; all are equal and unique.” Grateful for the new perspective, I related, “Yes, I see that now, thank you!”

People are not the only ones who are equal and unique. Each animal is unique and equal to all other animals – and people. Release judgment – just observe. You can enjoy and prefer one bird song over another, without hating the other bird or its song.


Have Preferences, not Judgments

You have preferences, like preferring the song of the dove more than the song of the crow. When it comes to crayons, finger paints, or home paint, for example, you can prefer one color over another, while not judging one color as “bad” or believe that one color is “better than” another color. All colors of the spectrum are equal and unique. All colors join together in different combinations to provide variety to our life. Be open to all colors. Rejecting even one color results in a diminished pallet for your world. Allow variety. Notice the unique combinations of colors and enjoy the variations, the nuances of each mixture. Use color as your example of non-judgmental observation and enjoyment. Be open to different color combinations, as well as other different experiences.


Prejudice or Preference?

We are each unique, with our own likes and dislikes. When does a dislike turn into hate? How does a preference turn into prejudice? Why is such deep emotion attached to something or someone, that you want to smash it, break it, or kill it?

When faced with a new situation, you either respond with love or fear. The deep-seated emotions and actions of hate, anger, destruction, and murder are all fear-based and are learned behavior and beliefs. What are you afraid of? Why have you allowed anger to overtake you, leading to such acts that are solidly opposed to a love-based lifestyle, culture, or society?

Can you see an option to prejudice and hatred? Can you release your fears around differences? Can you see others as living their own lives in a culture that differs from yours, but is not necessarily evil? If you don’t attack – causing fear to replace love in their hearts and their lives – they won’t respond in anger, hate, vengeance, and rage, thus escalating violence out of what started as a difference in preference.

What if people throughout the entire world suddenly stopped acting and reacting from fear? What if hatred, bias, and prejudice were replaced with preference? There would no longer be a need for forts, weapons, or bomb shelters. Think that is impossible? What are you gaining from continuing to live in and/or causing a fear-based world? What would you lose if you didn’t kill or destroy anything that didn’t fit your preference?

Perhaps, instead, think about what you could gain by focusing on an end to violence and fear. You don’t necessarily have to love everyone (although that would be a beautiful bonus) but at least stop killing others. Stop filling your heart with hate, anger, rage, vengeance, and fear. Fill your heart with the calm center of love, compassion, and understanding, while recognizing your preferences and unique feelings. Let those you don’t prefer, or don’t like, to exist but don’t fear them or take any action against them.

Acknowledge your preferences. Perhaps examine why you have such a strong dislike of someone or something. Trace that dislike back to a belief you may have carried from childhood, that may or may not serve you well now. When there is nothing to fear, we can all learn from each other, and perhaps build new friendships, because we have discarded old beliefs that were limiting us and blocking our free will.


Release Baggage

Release baggage, release judgment, as you float on your raft on the River of Life, safe within Source. Be comfortable, happy, and fulfilled. A love-based life is never boring: there are unlimited nuances of love to explore.

Clear the clutter inside and outside; carrying baggage from the past oppresses you, and too much baggage weighs down your raft. Keep only what resonates and gives you joy; release the rest. Free yourself from the past. Be free, be light in all senses of the word. For each experience, be grateful to it for showing itself to you and release it to provide room on your raft for the next experience. Retain fond memories, but let all the rest go, as you float on your raft on the peaceful River of Life.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson


Living in a love-based world, you sense the cry for help in others and respond with love. You see people only as potential friends. There is no evil, only the lack of Love; like darkness is the lack of light. Shine your light on others that they might find their gifts of love and joy within. Children being born now are of the love-based paradigm – give them a loving world to explore. We have had our fill of experiencing all the aspects of fear; now, we can experience all the nuances of Love by replacing the forts we built with rafts.


Let’s look at this week’s tools, activities, and summary:


  1. Be open to the possibility that your life can change and improve in ways unimaginable now.
  2. We Are All ONE with Source – we are all Pure Energy
  3. We were all born filled with Love, Joy, and positive self-attributes. Go within ourselves to find all our gifts awaiting our rediscovery of them.
  4. Replace fear with love, knowing that we are all Source.
  5. As your life model, replace the fear-based “fort” with a love-based “raft.”
  6. By changing within, we become the change in the world.



  1. Envision the Earth as a giant Playground in which we all play as Pure Energy Beings having a physical experience. Imagine taking the materials from the “fort” and creating a “raft.” See yourself floating easily and calmly along the River of Life.
  2. Imagine no longer living in fear. Imagine seeing everyone AS US. Imagine being calm, knowing we are Source Energy in a body-suit of our own creation, in a playground Earth of our own creation, within the multiple Universes of Source’s creation.
  3. Think about what changes a love-based world would provide. What would you love doing, that brings you joy and is of service to others? How would the world appear if everything and everyone were viewed from love, instead of fear?



  1. We must awaken from the dream that we are victims of this world. We created this world from love and joy; we can return this world to love and joy when we remember we are all ONE with Source.
  2. To change the world, we change our beliefs, actions, and reactions from within ourselves, as Source Energy surrounding a body-suit.
  3. Replace fear with love in every situation.
  4. View your life as if you were floating peacefully on a raft. Beautiful sites, experiences, and people appear along the River of Life, from which you choose to temporarily leave your raft to explore further, based on your free will and what brings you joy, peace, love, and happiness. You may meet the same people in several places along the River of Life, and can easily pick up the conversation from where you left off.
  5. Peace on Earth is possible now; we can do it now!


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