Global Change

I believe we can change the world from the fearful, violent, chaotic existence we are currently experiencing to one of peace, cooperation, compassion, and sharing among all people on Earth for the benefit of each other and of Earth.

First, I want to share my Life Purpose Statement:

“The purpose of my life is to be present, joyful, and compassionate, and to share my gifts, make a difference, and be a role model to others, so that I might inspire others to also make a difference in the world.”

My Ultimate Goal is the global enlightenment and peace on our Earth, our physical reality, through the awakening, awareness, and action of its people in transforming our beliefs about ourselves, each other and the Earth.

I am not alone in having this Goal of “Peace on Earth” and cooperation, caring, and sharing by all people. However, my approach is a bit different: I am enlightening the Earth from within.

 “You Must Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi