Freelance “Author’s Helper,” Editor, Proofreader, and Ghostwriter


I love to write! Journaling every morning is my favorite way to greet each new day. I am sharing my enthusiasm and passion for writing with others who have ideas, information, experiences, or stories to share with others. Starting off as an “Author’s Helper,” I have applied my gifts, knowledge, and skills to assist numerous friends – and resulting “friends-of-friends” – by being of service in whatever capacity each person requested.

One person, creating a coffee-table book of gorgeous images and her own accompanying text, asked me to research each image she found on Facebook or another source, identify the artist, and request permission to use the artist’s work in her book – in exchange for the artists’ full contact information included in a special section at the end of the book. This effort resulted in 20 artists from over a dozen countries contributing their artwork to the author’s inspirational book.

Others have asked for help with identifying a structure or approach to their book and, through a series of dialogs with the author, I suggested a structure, outline, and prospective audience that the authors loved and carried on themselves.

Some have presented me with dozens of scattered, hand-written notes that their children and grandchildren have asked them to combine into books. I transcribed and edited each note and arranged them into a logical sequence for the authors to review. I discussed publishing options with each person, including fully published, self-published through any of a number of hybrid publishers and the ranges of costs involved, and free self-publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and similar print-on-demand and eBook publishers. I have experience with submitting book proposals to major publishers: my first book was published through Balboa Press, and my second book was self-published through KDP. Many people I assisted chose the KDP approach, although one wanted one of her books to be hand-printed and comb-bound, which I printed on my laser-printer.

I have a uniquely varied background as a professional librarian (with a Masters degree in Library Science), analyst, computer programmer, supervisor, project manager, in-home caregiver, author, speaker, podcaster, and Reiki Master.

Bringing a unique combination of a librarian’s and author’s love of the written and spoken emanations from the heart and soul, the analytical care of ensuring the author’s/sponsor’s voice remains true while massaging the words into a form more amenable to social media or publishing, and a project manager’s attention to timelines and deliverables, I provide assistance and guidance to young and old authors, helping them from the initial book concept stage, through editing and proofreading, and into publication. Although I do not consider myself a marketing expert, I have assisted with some marketing and branding, such as website development and maintenance, designing brochures and flyers, and writing press releases.

I am currently seeking opportunities within an agency as a freelance editor, proofreader, and/or ghostwriter to help others share their experiences, wisdom, ideas, and thoughts with the world. I believe every person is unique and every person has at least one story to share, that can be of benefit to many. I am happy being of service to others in the expression of their voice.

Please feel free to contact me at with any requests for assistance with your book.  Thank you!