Child Welfare System Redesign



Child Welfare System Redesign

Oregon Pilot

Strategic Action Plan


Research and Analysis by Jo Calk (


“A call to a child abuse hotline is as much a request for help as a call to 911.”[1]


Program Mission Statement

Mission: To redesign the current Child Welfare System to be: (1) child-centered, family-supportive, and equitable to all children and families throughout the United States; (2) free from corruption and further child endangerment; and (3) proactive through a data-driven approach toward the prevention of child assault/battery, rape/incest, and criminal neglect.


Program Problem Statement

“Child abuse is a profound social problem that is first and foremost a criminal one.”

– Randy Burton, Esq.


History of Child Abuse[1]

“The history of child abuse has two “rights” at its core of violence against the smallest in society:

  • the right to own property, and
  • the right to own children”

“Child abuse has existed and flourished in all cultures and ethnic backgrounds, in all its forms. Throughout history, children were considered property. Parents had the unrestricted authority to do to a child whatever was deemed necessary. Usually, the father made all the disciplinary decisions.”

In spite of being a taboo, sexual assault/battery within the family has always existed.[2]

“One child advocate making strides in providing answers is the United Nations through their Convention on the Rights of the Child. … Of the 197 countries to sign on, the United States is the only country that has not yet ratified this convention.”[3]  [bolding added for emphasis]

It is now time to recognize children as human beings and child abuse and neglect as crimes.


Webpage Links

Details of the Child Welfare System Redesign – Oregon Pilot – Strategic Action Plan are provided on the following webpages. Please click on the links below, or click from the Main Menu at the top, to read the Strategic Action Plan detail documents. Thank you.

Child Welfare System Redesign Major Changes

Child Welfare System Redesign Business Plan – Part 1

Child Welfare System Redesign Business Plan – Part 2

Child Welfare System Redesign Strategic Action Plan Summary (in progress)


[1] Dan Scott, retired sergeant in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office and a leader in the effort to improve cross reporting between child protective services (CPS) and law enforcement.

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[2] Mead, M. (1963). Totem and taboo reconsidered with respect. Menninger Clinic Bulletin, 27, 185-199.

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