About Jo

Jo is a “retired” librarian, analyst, and project manager, enjoying the freedom to express her life’s purpose – to share joy and to be of service to others – as a literary agent and through book and content writing, motivational and inspirational public speaking, Reiki, and other service to people and animals on their life journeys. She brings a unique combination of love for the written and spoken emanations from the heart and soul, the analytical care of ensuring the author’s/sponsor’s voice remains true while massaging the words into a form more amenable to social media or publishing, and the project manager’s attention to timelines and deliverables. Jo also provides assistance and guidance to other writers, helping them from the initial book concept stage through self-publication, and often into marketing, personal branding assistance, and website development and maintenance. Please see other pages on this site for more information on each of her interests.

Jo is a Reiki Master and owner of Reiki Resonance and Renewal, LLC, through which she provides Reiki Energy Healing sessions in Lincoln City.  Please see her website, www.ReikiResonanceandRenewal.com.  

Jo has a certificate in Mental Health First Aid, and is a member of the Hands On Trade Association, the Center for Reiki Research, and the Reiki Healing Association. Under her penname, Jo wrote an inspirational book for other adult survivors of child abuse, was a guest speaker on the 14 February 2018 National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse radio program, and is the Oregon Ambassador for NAASCA. She is currently presenting a free multimedia Workshop, titled Breathing the Joy of Life, in several cities along the Oregon Coast. Please see her website, www.Megan-Erin-Galloway.com

Resurrecting her former small business, Jo’s Tartan Patterns, Jo and Donna Morris have joined together to form DJ’s Tartan Creations, a new online business featuring a variety of hand-made tartan items created by Donna and Jo. Please see their website, www.DJsTartanCreations.com.