2 thoughts on “Make Room for the New”

  1. Did you learn this from Marie Kondo? I certainly wish I could release myself from a lot of the past physical stuff. Some of it to a dumpster, some of it to archives or libraries. My sister and her partner have decided to leave the farm and move to an apartment. Maybe I’ll be inspired that that and this.

    1. Hi, Sherman! Marie Kondo is one of many who have been my inspirations/task masters to declutter. Unfortunately, none of my excess is archive or library material – it’s mostly old printed stuff that has long lost its value but “may be useful someday.” 🙂

      Great to hear from you! I think of you often, hoping the world is treating you well. Best wishes on freeing yourself of the unwanted old things to have room for all the new things in your life. Blessings, Jo

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