The Christmas Spirit

Red and green silk flower boutonniere
Red and green silk flower boutonniere


As the days following the Winter Solstice are considered the rebirth of the light, Christmas is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the spiritual rebirth of us all. Jesus reached out to the lonely, the sick, and the poor, teaching them to live in the Light.

Christmas is our annual reminder that the Light, whatever we choose to name it, is always there for us, providing the perfect opportunity to explore our spirituality, share hospitality and generosity, and bring out the best of human nature. The messages are to give without the expectation of receiving, and that love and peace have the power to create a better world, if they were practiced more. Let’s keep the “Christmas Spirit” of generosity, love, and peace alive throughout the year and celebrate our Peace on Earth every year on Christmas Day.


Merry Christmas!

Wishing you joy, happiness, and contentment now and into the future.

May you carry peace and compassion within your heart and share it with everyone you meet.

May you let love fill you with such joy that it overflows onto others.

May you feel all the joy, love, peace, and compassion within you, and bring it forth throughout the coming year and beyond.

Choose to be happy.

Choose to be grateful.

Choose to feel, express, and share  love and joy.


With Blessings and Love,



Red-and-Green Boutonniere hand-made by Donna Morris, DJ’s Tartan Creations




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